Double Trouble

DISNEY CHANNEL – Saturday 4 & 11 July, 7am

New episodes premiere Saturday July 4 & 11 at 7am In “Double Dancing”, after Yuma passes her solo dance audition, the twins have to dance together in a duet before she can get into dance school, and in the process they blow Heath’s mind.

Then in “Sand and Surf”, Yuma’s family heads to Alice Springs, so everybody is on hand when the mystery of the twins separation at birth is solved, with explanations made, apologies given, tears shed, a dance by Yuma and Kyanna, and a screening of one of Aaron’s home movies.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Saturday 30 May, 7am

Yuma, a city girl, is a keen dancer and lives in a Sydney beachside suburb with her wealthy father, Henry. Kyanna, a bush girl, loves any kind of sport, and lives on a remote community outside Alice Springs in central Australia with her mother Freda and her extended family. She knows very little of the city or surf. When Yuma’s father returns to Alice Springs to buy some paintings, Yuma is puzzled by all kinds of people saying

hello to her as if they knew her. When she accidentally bumps into Kyanna, an Indigenous

girl of the same age, the pair are struck by their physical resemblance. Perhaps they’re family? Perhaps this is the key to their family arrangements? Perhaps Kyanna’s mum is

Yuma’s too? And Henry is their dad? On impulse, they decide to swap places, so that

Yuma can meet her mother, and Kyanna see her father for the first time. But they decide they’ll keep their family connection a secret as a way of finding out what really happened when they were separated and why their families have never met since. Everything goes well until Yuma’s father discovers his daughter has an important history test in Sydney, so he sends Kyanna home early, and there’s nothing Kyanna can do about it. And with her air ticket used by her newly discovered twin, Yuma has to stay on with her mother, helping out at the community shop – until the twins can work out how to swap back again.