Downsize Me

Tuesday, November 4th at 7:30pm

Unfortunately it’s time to say goodbye to the hit local series DOWNSIZE ME! when the reality show screens its very special final episode on Tuesday, November 4th at 7:30pm on 3.

In true DOWNSIZE ME! style the series is undoubtedly going out on a high note, after four years, 44 downsizers and 545kgs lost, this week DOWNSIZE ME! is revelling its top 10 secrets of downsizing success!

The grand finale goes behind the eight week challenges and finds out where some of the show’s most popular downsizers are now. The episode also discovers nutrition guru Damian Kristof and personal trainer Lee-Anne Wann’s top nutrition and fitness tips which are so easy you can do them at home!

From couch crunches, to fitness with food, Lee-Anne shows just how easy it is to burn calories, even while watching TV! Whilst Damian reveals the key foods to eat and to avoid in order to lose kilos.

But it’s not just the DOWNSIZE ME! duo who divulge their slimming secrets this week, who better to hear tips to downsizing success than from the downsizers themselves.

Remember Carolyn Franklin? This super morbidly obese 47-year-old was one of New Zealand’s largest ladies weighing in at 185kg with type two diabetes and a heart attack waiting to happen. After losing a whopping 17kg in just eight weeks earlier this season, viewers will be astounded at how far she’s comes in just three months.

Well known drummer, Scotty Pearson, from the hit kiwi band Elemeno P, was a supersized pop star whose rock and roll lifestyle was sending him to an early grave. After losing 16kg during his DOWNSIZE ME! experience, the rocker is now dishing out inspirational advice that will get you drumming up a new diet!

Comedians Tarun Mohanbhai, and radio host Jeremy Corbett are also returning for one last weigh-in, but will they still be laughing when they stand up on the scales?

Find out when we discover “where are they now” and say goodbye to DOWNSIZE ME!. The last ever episode of DOWNSIZE ME! screens on Tuesday, November 4th at 7:30pm on 3.

Tuesday, October 28th at 7:30pm

Will 44-year-old fire-fighter David Beaver regain his life and health before it’s too late? Find out when this high kilo casualty attempts to beat the bulge and get back on the path to lifelong good health in only two months in the hit local series DOWNSIZE ME! screening on Tuesday, October 28th at 7:30pm on 3.

Over the last few years Beaver has been busy fighting fires but not the flab and he’s now crushing the scales at a whopping 120kg. With an appetite bigger than his belly it’s no surprise he now struggles to tie his shoelaces let alone keep up with the younger fire-fighters at work.

However this ex-marine hasn’t always been a one-stop eating machine, his weight troubles began after an accident on the job that left him badly burnt. After the unfortunate event Beaver was unable to train for months and as the calories still kept coming so did the kilos.

Now using food for comfort, this fireman is no longer fighting fit but wanting desperately to fight the fat. But with an insatiable sweet tooth that even drives him to sneak in to his 10-year-old son’s sugary treats, this dad’s eating habits and portion sizes are out of control!

It’s going to take all the know-how and diet dexterity of Damian Kristof to get this oversized fireman back into shape. But will Lee-Anne’s tough training tactics be too much for this ex-marine to handle?

And will it be as tough on fellow fire-fighter, Steve, who has taken on a new job of Beaver’s “Crash Diet Dummy”. Can he stomach Beaver’s old diet, and how will it affect his fitness and his job?

Make sure not to miss Beaver’s heart-warming downsizing mission and find out the true price of a high calorie diet. DOWNSIZE ME!, screens Tuesday, October 28th at 7:30pm on 3.

Tuesday, September 23rd at 7:30pm

Can well known drummer, Scotty Pearson, from the hit kiwi band Elemeno P beat the bulge and get on the path to lifelong good health in only two months? Find out when the super-sized rockstar features on DOWNSIZE ME!, screening on Tuesday, September 23rd at 7:30pm on 3.

Currently weighing in at an enormous 135kg the Elemeno P drummer is almost twice the man he should be. However it’s not laziness that got Scotty into this fatty fix, it’s his busy lifestyle – running his building business and jamming with the band – that leaves no time for exercise.

But after 20 years of convenience café food, takeaways gallore, gallons of coffee and bucketloads of booze, his rock n roll lifestyle has left his body battered and abused.

And now the 40-year-old rocker has to face up to the biggest shock of his life when it is revealed his insulin levels are so frighteningly high that they show type II diabetes.

Now it’s up to the diet dexterity of Damian Kristof to bail him out of obesity in only eight weeks and try to reverse the damage already done.

But as if having to swap fast food for fresh isn’t hard enough – in steps Lee-Anne to turn his beer keg belly into a six pack, and add exercise to his already packed day.

Can Scotty completely change his lifestyle to save his own life or will his carb cravings and convenience foods drive him further down the path of diabetes? And will he come to blows with feisty fitness instructor Lee-Anne when he fails to complete her strict fitness plan?
And how will fellow drummer Scotty Rocker from Streetwise Scarlet deal with his new day job of being Pearson’s “Crash Diet Dummy”? Can he stomach Scotty’s old diet and how will it affect his performance in the band and at home?

Find out in this rocking not-to-be-missed episode when we witness Scotty’s ups and downs in his struggle to save his own life. DOWNSIZE ME! screens on Tuesday, September 23rd at 7:30pm on 3.

Tuesday, September 2nd at 7:30pm

DOWNSIZE ME! is back with a bigger than ever series as a whole new batch of high kilo casualties struggle to beat the bulge and get on the path to lifelong good health in only two months when the series premieres on Tuesday, September 2nd at 7:30pm on 3.

Doing the Downsize is no quick-fix easy feat with a tailor-made strict portion-controlled eating plan and an uber-dose of exercise – it’s make or break time for each participant and guarantees a super-sized serving of sweat, tears, trials and of course tribulations for those willing to put in the hard yards!

Follow diet expert, Damian Kristof, as he dishes out exceptional nutritional advice including information on the benefits of ‘super foods’, plus quick and tasty healthy recipes in the all new ‘Feed Me’ segment. Whilst straight-talking trainer, Lee-Anne Wann, pushes these couch potatoes to their limits to achieve optimum results.

It’s a huge reality check for each of our dieters as they discover their body’s biological age after all the damage they’ve done from their atrocious diets, followed by an eye-opening wake up call as the ‘wheelbarrow of weakness’ is wheeled in filled to the brim with their old sweet treats equivalent to the excess kilos they’re carrying around.

Each episode is packed full of surprises from Damian throwing out their diets of death to Lee-Anne setting them an extreme fitness challenge, and this season also introduces the ultimate hidden camera temptation test to see who can resist our persuasive salesperson loaded with full fat freebies. Can they resist or will they fold and suffer the consequences at the hands of Lee-Anne?

And of course there’s no forgetting the ‘Crash Diet Dummies’ who are back to test the effects an atrocious diet can have on a healthy body in just 10 days. The results are always astonishing with symptoms seeping out from every pore, some suffering not only physical but mental effects, others experiencing alarming medical reactions, and find out why one dummy can’t even last the distance!

This week’s season premiere starts off with ex Shortland Street celebrity Karl Burnett who’ll be attempting to turn his bulging beer belly into a six pack.

But with only eight weeks, can this junk food addict downsize enough to become a magazine model again? Find out when Downsize Me! premieres on Tuesday, September 2nd at 7:30pm on 3.

Downsize Me is currently recruiting talent for the next series.

If you are overweight and in need of an overhaul apply now at

Anyone with a story to tell welcome, for instance are you about to be married? Are you or your partner wanting to apply for a dream job, but scared that you are too unhealthy? Are you looking for love but want to downsize first? Do you know of someone who would really benefit from our help?

If you are interested fill out the application form on the site and send a photo to to



This duo are striving to lose the kilos before they lose each other

Tuesday, June 19th at 7:30pm

Father and daughter duo Erin and Malcolm are both in serious need of downsizing, in the series final of Downsize Me! Screening Tuesday, June 19th at 7:30pm.

Twenty-year-old Erin gobbles down around 20 takeaway meals a week on top of truckloads of donuts and sugary drinks. While 52-year-old Dad Malcolm is the mad butcher of the family cramming in as much barbecued greasy meat as he can fit on the grill.

All this high fat food is making them both moody and miserable!

Personal trainers and diet plans at just 12 years old didn’t keep the kilos off Erin, especially once she discovered the tuck shop.

Now a normal day begins at the drive-through with an egg and bacon muffin, followed by the donut shop for afternoon tea, and more takeaway trash for lunch and dinner.

Malcolm’s main objective is to help his daughter to downsize, but after years spent skipping meals and topping up with 12 cups of coffee a day, then gorging down greasy grub for dinner, he’s in for a killer surprise when he meets nutrition magician Damian Kristof.

In only eight weeks, can Damian bring this Dad back from the brink of death, and stop Erin from heading down the same path? And how will Lee-Anne cope with training a cardiovascular time-bomb?

Don’t miss this truly heart-warming episode as this father and daughter strive to lose the kilos before they lose each other, on the series final of Downsize Me! Screening Tuesday, June 19th at 7:30pm.

For more information visit:

Damian and Lee-Anne attempt to cure Julie’s fat tooth
Tuesday, June 12th at 7:30pm

If it’s fast, it’s food for 28-year-old legal secretary Julie Hawkins, as diet expert Damian Kristof and straight-talking trainer Lee-Anne Wann attempt to trade her takeaway trash with good food for good moods, in this week’s episode of Downsize Me!, screening Tuesday, June 12th at 7:30pm.

Bucket loads of burgers, copious amounts of buttery curries and fat-packed pizzas are all on this single girl’s weekly menu to ensure she gets her daily fat fix! But it’s that fat tooth that’s left Julie now tipping the scales at 91 kilos and suffering from very low self esteem, and having become a hermit in her own house, there’s little chance of fulfilling her dream of having a family.

Not exactly how Julie’s pictured herself in her late 20s, and so this bachelorette desperately wants to swap the bingeing for the boys!

Luckily Damian Kristof and his binge bin have a date with Julie’s kitchen, so it’s out with the creamy curries, fatty fries and greasy burgers and in with healthier take out options such as sushi and Greek salad.

After years of watching workout DVDs from the couch, Julie’s mind and body are in for a shock when fitness lieutenant Lee-Anne Wann introduces her to a resistance routine that is certain to make her sweat whilst she’s shaping up.

It’s not plain sailing for Julie, as she finds her new diet quite difficult, and it’s no surprise after a lifetime of loathing veges that she soon falls headfirst off the wagon even before the first weigh in.

Don’t miss this exciting episode to see if Julie really can rise above her fast food and start to appreciate lean greens, and find out if Lee-Anne can take her own medicine when Julie takes on her role as personal trainer-cum-torturer.

Will Julie be able to reach her 10kg weight loss goal when it comes to the final weigh in and start her new life as a self-confident slim single girl? Find out on Downsize Me!, screening Tuesday, June 12th at 7:30pm.

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Series final

It looks as though Damian Kristof and Lee-Anne Wann have met their match in the series final of Downsize Me! as they take on a 107kg, donut smuggling, beer guzzling ex-pat Englishman, screening Tuesday, October 31st at 7:30pm on 3.

A health and safety inspector by day, John O’Reilly gets home and becomes his very own health-hazard – lapping up the laid-back lifestyle of guzzling beer, snacking on donuts and gorging on fatty dinners.

But this lifestyle has taken a heavy toll on Reilly, who weighs in at 107 kilos, and his belly is growing bigger by the day. He’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

It’s going to take the diet dexterity of Damian and the exercise expertise of Lee-Anne to get this stubborn, stressed out ex-pat Englishman back into shape.

Damian is ready with his trusty binge-bin to tackle John’s horrendous habits head on. Preferring traditional English dripping-in-grease grub, the only thing stodgier than John’s food is his attitude.

So Damian doesn’t waste any time introducing him to appetising international flavours and super-foods to reduce his dangerously high cholesterol whilst boosting his immune system to fight off disease.

But it’s all met with a great deal of resistance, especially the thought of having to kick the wife out of the kitchen and cook his third meal in 26 years himself!

If there’s one thing John will find harder than giving up his foul food, it’s exercise dished out by hard headed trainer Lee-Anne. Her daily dose of activity pushes John way out of his cushioned couch comfort zone.

And what’s more, being ordered around by a woman isn’t something that this old fashioned man is willing to tolerate. Who will come out the other end still standing?

Although John says he’s doing what he’s told during his eight weeks, Damian and Lee-Anne aren’t so sure and send in an undercover tea lady loaded with his donut delights. Can John resist his old favourites in the ultimate temptation test?

Find out who comes out on top in the series finale of Downsize Me!