Dr Oz Show

2:00pm – Wednesday, March 28 on TV 3

The Dr. Oz Show proudly celebrates its 400th episode on Wednesday, March 28 th at 2pm on 3, with its biggest health makeovers yet.

Today sees Dr. Oz welcome new guests and fan favourites to share their stories of weight loss, life transformation and pregnancy. Plus, women who overcame infertility with Dr. Oz’s guidance make a surprise appearance with their new babies.

“Over the past 399 shows, we’ve tried to provide viewers with ways to turn their own health around, and I really love hearing from the people who have,” Dr. Oz explains about the significance of the episode. “There are so many folks at home who don’t feel trapped in their bodies anymore. I’m so thrilled this show has furthered the conversation that empowers viewers to become a world expert on their own body.”

Among the many guests featured in the 400th episode, Dr. Oz introduces the world to Jennie, a 52-year-old nurse who once tipped the scale at 449 pounds. Once home-bound, Jennie was inspired by Dr. Oz to get healthy, and now appears on the show 300 pounds lighter, with a new smile and with hope for those challenged by obesity.

Make sure not to miss this when The Dr. Oz Show celebrates its 400 th episode on Wednesday, March 28 th at 2pm on 3.