Dr Oz

2:00pm – Monday, January 23 on TV 3

Dr. Mehmet Oz, two-time Emmy Award-winner, is kicking off the third season of Dr Oz on Monday, January 23 rd at 2pm on 3. This week’s unmissable season premiere will see 200 women bravely bare their bellies in their battle against the bulge as Dr. Oz reveals a 5-Step Plan for women over 40 to rid themselves of belly fat for good. Then, blast off your bulging belly with foods you never knew could reduce it, and learn great calorie-burning dance moves with Dr Oz contributor, Stepp Stewart.

Other topics premiering early in the season include a special hour dedicated to the new movie Contagion, the real truth about a woman striving to be the heaviest in the world, and alternative health all-stars Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra.

This premiere week will conclude with the Contagion special where Dr. Oz conducts an outbreak experiment with his audience to demonstrate how a pandemic would rip through the globe at astonishing speed. Make sure not to miss all this when Dr Oz enters its third season on Monday, January 23 rd at 2pm on 3.