Dragon’s Den New Zealand

Former Dragon’s Den New Zealand panellist Paul Webb is challenging the IRD over raids on his premises that resulting in the seizure of documents, computers and other storage devices in March this year.

A High Court heard yesterday that the raids by staff of Inland Revenue on eight of Webb (pictured centre) and business associate Andrew Tauber’s premises were unlawful.

Their lawyer, Mike Lennard, argued yesterday that the search warrants issued were invalid as the tax department’s affidavits were misleading.

“We submit that the searches and seizures were unlawful and unreasonable. The only appropriate remedy is the return of the seized material and destruction of any copies” Lennard said.

“The adequacy of the affidavit simply can’t be defended. It is riddled with exaggeration, half-truths and spin.”

Lennard argued that the information could have been accessed in a less obtrusive way and also objected to a claim that Webb deliberately hid assets from the Official Assignee, which administers bankruptcies.

Webb was bankrupted in July 2000, which saw him lose budget airline service Cityjet and his residential property development.

He was one of the “Dragons” on the TV One series Dragon’s Den.

Source: Stuff