Dream Lives For Sale

LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesdays from 5 July, 8.30pm

With more and more people feeling frustrated with life in the UK, buying a small business abroad is rapidly becoming the smart, affordable way for ordinary people to have the chance to transform their lives for the better. In Dream Lives For Sale business expert Jonnie Irwin helps ordinary British families choose new businesses abroad. Starting in the UK, Jonnie establishes each family’s motivation behind making the huge life change, looks at the skills and abilities they could bring to the new business, as well as analysing their current financial situation. On location, Jonnie then explores the sorts of businesses for sale and who their customers might be, what the new living expenses would be for the families, as well as offering alternative choices and the opportunity for the families to actually try running the chosen company themselves – from bargain apr�s ski bars and pizzerias to dreamy olive groves, country house B&B’s and estate agents.