Drew And Shannon Live

4:30pm – Friday, July 29 on FOUR

Get ready for a Lady Gaga Extravaganza on Drew and Shannon Live, screening on Friday, July 29 th at 4.30pm on FOUR.

FOUR presenter, Drew Neemia was lucky enough to fly to Sydney to sit-down with the very talented Lady Gaga for an intimate chat.

As a big fan of Lady Gaga, Drew jumped at the chance to interview one of his idols. “I was delighted to speak to one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now and she was as amazing as I imagined her to be.”

What does Lady Gaga have to say to her New Zealand fans and more importantly, what crazy outfit will she be wearing in the interview? Find out on Drew and Shannon Live, screening on Friday, July 29 th at 4.30pm on FOUR

4:30pm – weekdays on FOUR

With the New Zealand Comedy Festival in town, Drew and Shannon Live are bringing you some of the funniest local and international comedians in studio, weekdays at 4:30pm on FOUR.

After catapulting to fame with various stunts on the Jackass and Wildboyz series, movies and tours, Steve-O is live in studio on Thursday, May 12th, for an interview with Drew and Shannon.

“Steve-O is an absolute legend, so for us to get a chance to have him in the studio is such a great opportunity,” says Drew Neemia.

Having publicly acknowledged his battles with drugs and alcohol, Steve-O has now been sober for almost three years. But has his new found sobriety affected his penchant for dangerous and ridiculous behaviour?

Co-host Shannon Ryan hopes the stunt-man will allow her to try out a stunt of her own, at his expense, live on air.

“I’m hoping he won’t rule out letting me wax his legs or back. I can tell by looking at pictures that his chest is already done,” she admits.

So will Steve-O be willing to be pranked, or will he have some tricks of his own in store for Drew and Shannon when he pays them a visit? Find out on Drew and Shannon Live, screening on Thursday, May 12th at 4:30pm on FOUR.

4:30pm – weekdays on FOUR

After a month of guest presenters, the ‘Drew’ in Drew and Shannon Live is back on screen this week after returning from his holiday in the U.S..

And while having Drew back makes life a lot easier for the show’s producers who no longer have to spend their day frantically tracking down famous faces to co-host the show alongside Shannon each evening, Drew and Shannon have their hands full with a busy week on the show.

The search for New Zealand’s Next Top Model has begun and Drew and Shannon have an all access pass to the auditions.

Also this week, pop sensation Vince Harder will be in the studio to discuss his brand new album and 7 Days comedian Steve Wrigley reviews the Lego Star Wars video game.

So tune in for the latest entertainment on Drew and Shannon Live, weekdays at 4.30pm on FOUR.