Drew & Shannon Live

TVNZ took the opportunity to have a crack at a MediaWorks employee on last night’s edition of One News by filing a thorough report on Drew Neemia’s Twitter indiscretion.

The co-host of FOUR’s Drew and Shannon Live was caught tweeting an abusive message to two teenagers who poked fun at his upcoming single.

Joanna Hunkin reported on the story, which featured interviews with one of the teenagers who received Neemia’s tweet as well as a Twitter “expert”.

The story paid particular attention to the fact Neemia lied about posting the abusive message before being caught out by other teens on the social networking site.

See the story here.

4:30pm – Friday, December 16 on FOUR

Wrapping up Drew & Shannon Live for another successful year, FOUR’s fresh-faced duo Drew Neemia and Shannon Ryan are planning to spend their last week on the couch recapping some of their personal highlights. “It’s going to be all the best interviews with your favourite celebs and maybe even a few awkward moments,” explains Neemia. “All the awkward moments will involve Shannon, (but don’t tell her I said that!).” he teases. “In a nut shell, if you enjoyed something on the show this year, then you’ll see it again in our final week on air. We’re celebrating 2011 and going out with a bang!”

And when it comes to choosing just one personal highlight – Drew likes to reminisce about meeting the infamous costume wearing diva – Lady Gaga. “I had to pinch myself to believe it. Did I mention she kissed me?,” he says.

As for after the final episode goes to air, hard worker Drew says he’s looking forward to taking a much needed break from his hectic shooting schedule. “Once the show is over for the year, I’m looking at moving to Africa to start a new life,” he says, adding; “I don’t know why I just said that. Sometimes I like to say the first thing that comes to mind.”

“Africa would be nice, but I actually intend on going back home to the best city in the country – Wellington. I’m going to chill out and spend time with my family and friends. Oh and quality time with my girlfriend.” But fans needn’t worry – Drew & Shannon Live will be back on air in early 2012 – and better than ever, promises Drew:

“We’re always growing and changing. What I can tell you is that 2012 will be the biggest year yet! Whatever we do, we’ll be bringing it to you LIVE and MASSIVE! Watch this space! Finally, don’t forget to send your Christmas presents for me to TV3! Make sure they’re really expensive too. None of this homemade stuff. Joking! Or am I?” Don’t miss your opportunity to revisit the most memorable celebrity interviews when Drew & Shannon Live screens its final five episodes for the year this week at 4:30pm on FOUR.

4:30pm – Monday, February 7 on FOUR

This week sees the much anticipated return of Drew Neemia and Shannon Ryan to our screens when their new pop culture series Drew & Shannon Live premieres on Monday, February 7th at 4:30pm on FOUR.

Co-hosted by Drew Neemia and Shannon Ryan, Drew & Shannon Live is a brand new topical entertainment show covering film, TV, music, fashion, sport, technology and more, all rolled into a daily 90-minute show.

“I’m excited about the new direction and dynamic for FOUR and Drew & Shannon Live,” explains Network Executive Angela Mann.

“Viewers can look forward to a fun afternoon show with a bit of something for everyone!,” she adds.

Make sure not to miss this when we get our first introduction to FOUR’s brand new entertainment series, Drew & Shannon Live premiering on Monday, February 7th at 4:30pm on FOUR.