Drinking Buddies

hi reddit, Olivia Wilde here. I’m one of the stars of Drinking Buddies which is a comedy about love and craft beers, two of reddit’s favorite things. I’m going to be answering questions alongside the director of the film Joe Swanberg, so ask us anything!

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via comicbookresources.com

via comicbookresources.com


Olivia! First, as a bisexual female I have to say that your role in the OC was a huge eye opener for me and helped me come to terms with that part of my life. So thank you! Second, you and Jason Sudeikis’ relationship is one that I admire and I strive to have a similar dynamic with my boyfriend.

Now that being said, how does it feel to be a woman who has portrayed an LGBT character and helped others come to terms with their sexuality?

Nothing gives me more pride than hearing gay and bisexual men and women tell me they were helped in some way by my roles on television. That’s a true honor. It is the responsibility of media to accurately reflect society.

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