Drugs Inc 2

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 23 February, 9.30pm

Grand theft auto is a booming industry in America with a car being broken into every 30 seconds. Organised crime groups make a killing from selling stolen car parts on the black market and Mexican drug cartels convert trucks into ‘narco tanks’. But police are developing new tactics to fight back against this trillion dollar industry.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 23 February, 8.30pm

The world is in the deadly clutches of the drug trade. Follow the supply chain of the world’s biggest drugs to uncover their economic significance, vast global reach and the compelling chemistry behind their origins.Ecstasy is the most controversial drug on the planet: organised crime gangs will kill for it and thousands of ravers have died from taking it, but for underground therapists it’s a life-saving medicine. With unprecedented access to the ecstasy underworld – from traffickers and dealers to producers and users – take an inside look at the impact of ecstasy around the globe.