Drugs Inc

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 8 March, 8.30pm

Designer drugs are the new battleground in the global war on narcotics. For a few dollars, users can access legal compounds that mimic the effects of cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana. But legal doesn’t necessarily mean safe. And when the law does ban them, underground chemists simply change the formula, forcing the police to play catch-up.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 1 March, 8.30pm

For nearly half a century drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms have attracted those looking to tune in, turn on and drop out. Now, from the Amazon jungle to the streets of the world’s major cities, a new generation of users is turning to powerful mind-altering substances, not for fun, but to treat addiction and disease. Desperately seeking relief from their ailments, these users risk jail or serious health problems for a shot at living a normal life.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 02 February, 8.30 pm

The world is in the deadly clutches of the drug trade. Follow the supply chain of the world’s biggest drugs to uncover their economic significance, vast global reach and the compelling chemistry behind their origins. Crack cocaine is a drug dealer’s dream: a cheap, short intense high that leaves users desperate for more, fuelling crime and violence like no other drug on the planet. With unprecedented access to cocaine producers in the jungles of Peru, dealers and addicts in Chicago and a drug task force in Florida, scratch below the surface of the crack business.