I was watching TV this morning when a TVNZ promo came on for one of their DVD releases which made a very interesting and, I believe, false claim.

The promo was for the DVD release of the 1976 South Pacific Television Production “Hunter’s Gold” and my complaint is that the promo credits the programme as a “TVNZ Classic”.

But wait a minute. How can this be?  TVNZ, as us TV history buffs know, wasn’t even a thought in the minds of “the powers that be” in broadcasting until 1978, and didn’t eventuate until 1980.

And secondly, Hunter’s Gold has, as far as I’m aware, never been re-screened on New Zealand television since the administration was established in 1980.

So how can TVNZ justify calling a South Pacific Television production, made before TVNZ even existed, a “TVNZ Classic”?

Even NZ On Screen credit “Hunter’s Gold” as being a South Pacific Television Production, and not a TVNZ one.

So would TVNZ, by right of reply, acknowledge that they made a mistake and would they be prepared to alter the packing and on-screen promotion for the DVD by adding both the TVNZ logo and the South Pacific Television logo?

I see in ten days time 15th July “Alfred Hitchcock Presents Complete First Season” will be released in New Zealand, I got my copy in region 1 via Amazon some of the 39 half hour black & white stories are rubbish, but the good stories make up for the rest.

This DVD region crap just totally beats me, we (New Zealand) saw Alfred Hitchcock Presents Complete First Season back in the days when monochrome TV first came out in NZ,not that I can remember any of the stories, why has it taken so long for it to be re-released? I just can not work out why they did not do a all region release, then if it does not sell well in one region they can flog the remainder of DVD off to another country, that has a different region. Thus when the DVD makers print off a DVD run they can get maximum return on their production cost.