E! Investigates

E! – Sunday 23 May, 8.30pm

Rich kids seem to have it all – money to burn and the world at their fingertips – and it’s still not enough. Affluent teens whose parents have high levels of education and income rate the highest for depression, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse among any group of children in the United States. And sometimes, these children of privilege turn to violent crime. “E! Investigates: Rich Kids Who Kill” tells the stories of rich kids who murder – for money, for revenge, and sometimes just to see ‘what it feels like.’

E! – Monday 29 March, 8.30pm

E! Investigates tells the unbelievable saga of this 29-year-old woman, recently rescued after being imprisoned for 18 years by convicted rapist Philip Garrido. This story continues to unfold with near-daily revelations, as authorities now believe that Jaycee gave birth to and raised two daughters after being raped by Garrido. E! Investigates will attempt to answer the two most confounding questions: Why didn’t Jaycee try harder to escape her wretched situation? And, how could this heinous crime have gone unreported for so long, even though Garrido kept Jaycee in a tent in his backyard for all those years?

E! – Sunday 21 February, 8.30pm

Addiction to prescription medications has quickly become an epidemic in Hollywood. The shocking overdoses of Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson have left many wondering why so many celebrities are getting hooked. E! Investigates explores the world of prescription drug abuse, from the Hollywood A-listers and the hangers-on to the “Doctor Feel-goods” who make a killing catering to the rich and famous.