East West 101

Tuesday 10 April 2012, 9.30 pm on Maori Television

Two youths are shot dead while fishing. Malik knows first-hand what Yelena Moyan, the boys’ mother, is going through.

Tuesday 3 April 2012, 9.30 pm on Maori Television

Behold a Pale Horse. What has the armed robbery of $36 million and the subsequent escalating violence got to do with a drug rip and massacre in Kandahar, Afghanistan?

Tuesday 6 March 2012, 9.30 pm on Maori Television

A Somali teenager is found viciously bashed to death in a lonely railway tunnel. Investigations lead Koa and Malik to Asad who, rumoured to be recruiting Somalis to return to fight for Al-Shabaab.

Tuesday 13 March 2012, 9.30 pm on Maori Television

The mysterious double murder of a Jewish couple leaves few leads. According to the woman’s son, David, a large amount of cash is missing, along with the Palestinian student who was living with them.

Tuesday 20 March 2012, 9.30 pm on Maori Television

Wright becomes personally involved in a case when a young woman is found raped and murdered after getting into a taxi.

Tuesday 7 February 2012, 9.30 pm on Maori Television

When Akmal is killed in prison, Malik is determined to find out the truth behind his murder and the murder of an NSO agent. Going to Canberra with the widow of the NSO agent leads Malik to an old foe.

Tuesday 21 February 2012, 9.30 pm on Maori Television

Major Crime and NSO unite once again as a terror attack becomes a real possibility. Zane Malik uses everything in his power to discover the conspirators, finally discovering why Agent Angleton was killed.

Tuesday 28 February 2012, 9.30 pm on Maori Television

Detective Zane Malik of the Major Crime Squad faces the toughest challenge of his life when a very public crime has very personal ramifications.

Acclaimed Australian crime drama EAST WEST 101 returns to Maori Television this month with all new episodes.

Premiering on Tuesday, 28 February at 9.30pm, the third season of the drama starring Don Hany won the Award of Excellence: Mini Series at the Accolade Competition 2011 in Los Angeles.

Hany, who plays Muslim detective Zane Malik, picked up a Silver Logie in the 2010 Australian television awards for his role.

Series three of EAST WEST 101 continues to explore the differences between the Eastern and Western worlds and the ramifications of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan against a backdrop of crime-fighting in Sydney.

In this latest season, Detective Malik is on a quest to find those responsible for a violent robbery in which 36 million dollars was stolen and four men were killed.

One of them, an armed robber, is Middle Eastern, a mysterious figure with international connections. The robbery has the marks of a military operation. Has it been committed by extremists to fund an act of terror in Australia? Or is it the deed of highly organised crooks?

As Malik progresses further into the investigation, through violence and murder, he knows he is dealing with a ruthless enemy. He must be prepared to make the supreme sacrifice, if he is to extract the truth, and nail the men responsible for murder and theft.

Catch all new episodes of EAST WEST 101 on Maori Television from Tuesday, 28 February at 9.30pm.

Tuesday 3 January 2012, 9.30 pm on Maori Television

Hunt is missing. HQ received a panicked call from a woman accusing Malik of killing him. Is he dead? And is Malik responsible? Follow this gripping series as Malik’s quest for justice continues.