Eastbound And Down

will-arnettArnett to guest on The Simpsons

Arrested Development’s Will Arnett will make a guest appearance in The Simpsons playing the role of a FBI detective.

Shatner to make Hot in Cleveland cameo

William Shatner will drop by Hot in Cleveland to make a guest appearance on the sitcom. “At long, long last, I am working with someone older than me,” he said of co-star Betty White. Continue reading »

Cheryl Cole Glee cameo hinted

Glee actress Jane Lynch has said that a cameo from Cheryl Cole on the show is a given. “There’s been talk on set of Cheryl appearing for a year or so, but it’s set to happen now,” she said recently.

Eastbound & Down renewed

HBO has renewed comedy series Eastbound & Down for a fourth season. The show will air in the US in early 2013. Continue reading »

Eastbound & Down | Season 2 – NZ Premiere Friday 5 November @ 9 pm

Grab your six-pack (of beer obviously) and slide into your moulded groove on the couch because Kenny Powers is back for a second inning on Comedy Central!

At the end of the first season, Kenny had been dropped by the Tampa Bay Rays, dumped his girlfriend and was last seen driving away with a worried look on his face. In Season Two, hiding from his problems, Kenny finds himself holed up in a small town in Mexico where he ends up joining the local baseball team. New additions to the cast include Michael Peña as the owner of the local team and Ana de la Reguera as Kenny’s new love interest. Stevie Janowski manages to track Kenny down and together they make plans for Kenny’s inevitable comeback – one brew at a time. You have to admit, the best thing about being Kenny Powers is being Kenny Powers.

Catch up with Kenny for another pitch-perfect season of Eastbound & Down! Fridays @ 9 pm.

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Eastbound & Down | Season 2 – NZ EXCLUSIVE

– Premieres Friday 5 November @ 9 pm