Hollyoaks will return to New Zealand screens tonight in a new-look UKTV weekday line-up.

6.30pm – Hollyoaks: A Beginner’s Guide
7.00pm – Doctors
7.30pm – Hollyoaks
8.00pm – EastEnders.

South Park renewed

South Park has been renewed until 2016 by Comedy Central. The cartoon will air for at least another three seasons.

Cain to guest on Criminal Minds

Former Superman actor Dean Cain has landed a guest role on Criminal Minds. The actor, who played Clark Kent in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, will appear in the 13th episode of the current season.

Pilkington and Davis to team up?

Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad may be teaming up with Ricky Gervais again for a new series with Life’s Too Short actor Warwick Davis. Davis said “We’ve had a couple of meetings about it, and it is something in discussion at the moment.”

JJ Abrams swaps Alcatraz showrunners

JJ Abrams has swapped showrunners on his new thriller series Alcatraz, replacing the departing Elizabeth Sarnoff with Lost’s Jennifer Johnson and Miami Vice’s Daniel Pyne.

Olympic flame to visit EastEnders

The Olympic flame will feature on British soap EastEnders next year ahead of the 2012 summer Olympic Games in London. A character will carry the torch through the show’s iconic Albert Square.

UKTV – Tuesday 8th February, 7.30pm

This one-hour special goes behind the scenes of the dramatic last days of Walford’s deadliest man, Lucas Johnson. After two years of lies, violence and murder, Lucas’ dark secrets unravel in an explosive final showdown at the Trueman’s, and the horrifying truth is set to destroy the whole family…But, Lucas isn’t the first Walford resident with blood on his hands and this show looks back at some of the most grisly, thrilling and emotional demises, exploring what makes the perfect EastEnders murder.

Featuring exclusive cast interviews, including Don Gilet (Lucas Johnson), Diane Parish (Denise Johnson), Martin Kemp (Steve Owen) and Shaun Williamson (Barry Evans), this special lifts the lid on the biggest soap story of the year.

UKTV – Friday 25 December, 7pm

It’s the day of the wedding and Peggy is extremely nervous. She says the wedding preparations are a “bloomin’ farce” and hates the outfit that Archie has chosen for her big day. Ronnie tells her to change and wear what she wants, so Peggy puts on a dress she originally bought for herself. Outside the church, Phil and Peggy are still in the car; she hesitates to enter the church knowing Archie will hate the dress. Peggy talks to Phil about her worries about Archie and how she has changed. Phil encourages his mum to do what she wants and Peggy eventually overcomes her doubts and enters the church. Archie’s face drops as Peggy walks down the aisle and he sees the dress she’s wearing. Standing before the altar, Peggy defiantly tells Archie that this is who she is, and to make a choice before it’s too late. Take her as she is or not at all.

Danielle has sneaked in to the Vic during the wedding to place her locket in Ronnie’s champagne glass; she then hides out upstairs waiting for everyone to return from the church for the reception. Ronnie finds Danielle upstairs cradling Amy. Is she planning to abduct the baby? Ronnie angrily orders her to leave. Danielle, at the end of her tether at this rejection from Ronnie, breaks and tells her that she is her mother. She says that Archie has been lying to her and that the proof she needs is in the locket downstairs. Later, in a rare moment of fondness for her father, Ronnie gives a toast to him but as she raises her glass, she sees the locket Danielle placed there earlier. Ronnie comes to the sickening realisation of what this means and as the whole truth is finally revealed Archie’s world starts to fall apart around him. Shaken and desperate, Ronnie tries to find her daughter now knows the truth. She heads to the Slaters’ to see if Danielle is there, but there’s no sign of her. With Stacey in tow, Ronnie races down towards the tube station to find her daughter but what happens next shocks Ronnie to the core…

UKTV – Weekly Monday – Thursday from 4 May, 7pm

Each episode repeated the following day at 1pm

Monday-Tuesday episodes also repeated Saturdays, 5.30pm

Wednesday-Thursday also repeated Sundays, 5.30pm

Set in the fictitious East London Borough of Walford, EastEnders follows the lives of the multi-racial community who live and work in and around Albert Square.

Monday 4 May, 7pm

Dawn (Kara Tointon) is struggling with life in a B&B. Bianca’s (Patsy Palmer) guardian angel drops off yet another gift. Sean (Robert Kazinsky) and Roxy (Rita Simons) are back and are all loved up but Roxy’s shocked when she receives a call from Peggy (Barbara Windsor).

I am very dissapointed that my favourite program namely Eastenders is now only available if you have Sky which I am unable to afford. Personally I think it stinks. Its all about money isn’t it.

Eastenders is moving from Prime to UKTV on May 4th 2009

It will be shown at 7.00pm Monday to Thursday.

Weekdays at 1pm – beginning Wednesday 7 February on Prime

The BBC’s No 1 award-winning soap is returning to PRIME with more episodes for its New Zealand fans.

Each weekday at 1pm viewers can take a trip to Walford and follow the lives of the multi-racial community who live and work in and around Albert Square.

EASTENDERS has won more than 100 awards. Barbara Windsor (Peggy Mitchell) received an OBE in 2000 and Wendy Richard (Pauline Fowler) received an MBE partly for their work on the show.

Two episodes of EASTENDERS share the highest-ever ratings in Britain: 25 December 1986 when 29 million tuned in to watch pub landlord ‘Dirty Den’ Watts serve divorce papers on his neurotic wife, Ange; And New Year’s Day 1987 when Tiffany Mitchell was killed.

Don’t miss your dose of Britain’s most addictive soap…
EASTENDERS – Weekdays at 1pm on PRIME.

Pauline Fowler (played by Wendy Richard), one of the Eastenders remaining original characters, has just had her funeral filmed for the soap.

Pauline is the matriarchal stalwart of Albert Square. Fiercely loyal to her family, she is never afraid to speak her mind.

It was announced in July that she will be leaving the show after almost 22 years, at Christmas 2006.

Here’s some photos from the funeral:

Photos courtesy of Splash News Online.