Saturday 27th March 10.30pm

Documentary Series

Tonight on Eataholics we meet Joanne Adams, a creative 19 year old art student from Middlesbrough. Joanne has never progressed from a toddler’s diet of mushy foods to solids, preferring soft textures with little flavour. Her diet consists of potato in a variety of forms; mashed, roast, chips or crisps. Feeling insecure and embarrassed about her eating habits, Joanne avoids eating out with friends, but with pressure from both her family and boyfriend, she’s now tired of the impact her weird eating is having on their lives and hers. Will she be able to make a change?

Saturday 20th March 10.30pm

Documentary Series

Aspiring 18 year old politician Helen Tree, is about to become a university student, though she is already a fan of the staple student food – pasta. The problem is, pasta is virtually the only thing Helen eats and the only sauce she can manage to liven it up is ketchup. Worryingly, Helen is regularly in and out of hospital with undiagnosed problems – possibly caused by the lack of nutrients in her diet. Her five siblings have all given up trying to get Helen to eat new foods because even the thought of fruit and veges leaves Helen in tears every time.

Saturday 13th March 10.30pm


Twenty-five year old film studies lecturer Pete Turner from Maidenhead seems to have it all. He’s young, he’s fit and he’s got a lovely girlfriend. But Pete’s got a big problem with food; he lives on a diet consisting almost entirely of meat. Pete just can’t get enough of meat. He thinks about it all the time and gets through 8 lbs of pork, 2lbs of beef burgers and 3 chickens in a typical week. Pete’s girlfriend of six years, Beth, is a vegetarian and Peter refuses to kiss her until she’s thoroughly brushed her teeth, as he doesn’t like the taste. Pete and Beth love travelling – but Pete refuses to go to countries where plain meat isn’t easily accessible. Not surprisingly it’s taking a toll on their relationship and Pete’s desperate to expand his very limited diet. Meatlovers pizza anyone?

LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesdays from 23 June, 10.30pm

Britain’s eating habits are in crisis, with sales of junk food booming and obesity at record levels. In this brand new series, nutritionist Natalie Savona and clinical psychologist Stephen Briers try to help people, whose food addictions are taking over their lives, damaging their relationships and threatening their health. Natalie will try and tickle the Eataholics’ taste buds and encourage them to eat new food; while Stephen will attempt to get to the bottom of the psychological problems causing the food phobias. The experts’ aim is to get them all eating a healthy balanced diet in just four weeks. But, with fruit and vegetables tending to leave the Eataholics either reaching for the sick bucket or in tears, it’s always a challenge. To help them along the way Dr Pixie McKenna puts the freaky eaters through a series of medical tests to find out what impact their diets have had on their insides.