Eating With The Enemy

Food TV – Weeknights from 31 March, 7.30pm

Can home cooks, with no professional experience, convince four of the country’s toughest, and most feared food critics, that home cooking is better than sophisticated restaurant food? Eating With the Enemy plays out as a regional competition which runs five days a week for a month, culminating in a national final. Top TV chef James Martin, mentors and monitors the amateur cooks before they take their dishes on a journey from their own kitchens to a professional kitchen. Then they must face the formidable team of some of Britain’s sharpest restaurant critics including Jay Raynor of The Observer; Toby Young from The Evening Standard; Charles Campion, author of The London Restaurant Guide, and freelance food critic Kate Spicer. Can the home cooks curry favour with the critics that are ruthlessly blunt and show no mercy to those who do not impress their palettes?