Think eco-travel is just for crunchy granola types? This brand new series is out to prove that responsible travel not only helps you sleep well at night, but also delivers adrenaline-pumping thrills and close encounters with lost tribes and exotic wildlife. After years of leading intrepid travellers on expeditions into remote regions in Central and South America, Jayms Ramirez leaves the backpack behind to check out a new generation of green travel that leaves no human or ecological need untended. A resort in the Costa Rican rain forest has a spa but no electricity, in Australia the hotel room is a tree house and in Mozambique the lights and the stove are solar-powered! Not content just to look at nature, Jayms jumps off cliffs into raging waters, scuba dives to help clean up reefs and “captures” dangerous animals — with his camera. But the highlights of his trips are always the people he meets and the experiences he shares with them, whether it be slurping a ‘bloody milkshake’ with Masai Warriors in Tanzania or sipping an intoxicating secret drink with the chief of a Fijian village. Going green never felt so good!