Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness is about my all time favorite TV prog.


It was directed by Martin Campbell, originally from NZ, who’s in NZ now. He’s been getting a lot of media attention & is a name at the NZ TV/Film Awards happening tonight. Mostly the media focuses on his movies like the James Bond one. But I want to hear him talk more about EoD. Maybe it no longer interests him either??!!! I think Campbell was in some conflict with the writer of EoD.

It was a mini-series that showed in Britain when I lived there in the mid 1980s. It blew me away because it touched on political issues that I was involved in at the time (Greenham Common demonstrations, the miners’ strike, nuclear power). It’s a nuclear thriller that had an ecological slant and also incorporated some stuff on the shift away from industrialisation (mining) to Thatcher’s Britain focused on the money markets.

That don’t make those kinds of progs very much any more.