Edge Of Existence

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Sundays from 21 June, 7.30pm

Travel to the most inhospitable places on earth with award winning investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre (MacIntyre Undercover) as he sets out to discover what it’s really like to live at the very edge of existence. MacIntyre moves in with four different communities, living with some of the toughest people on the planet to investigate how the last tribes on earth are being affected by 21st century life. Over the course of this fascinating series, he experiences the natural world at its harshest, walking the line between ancient cultures and the modern world as he learns to survive with Bedouin travellers in remote deserts, crocodile hunters in Papua New Guinea, the last llama caravan on earth in Bolivia and nomadic sea gypsies in Borneo.

Episode 1 – EDGE OF EXISTENCE: BOLIVIA: The Altiplano region of Bolivia is one of the highest inhabited places in the world where every breath is an effort. It’s home to the Quechuan Indians who worship Mother Earth with blood sacrifices, both animal and human. Donal takes his chances at a Tinku festival where rival villages fight, sometimes to the death, in honour of Mother Earth and battles high altitude exhaustion as he struggles over mountain passes with a Llama train carrying salt to remote villages.