It was good to see, even though it was somewhat surprising, an R18 movie on Alt TV at 8pm on a Sunday night. I had to check the BSA pay TV guidelines on this issue, and yes, R18 material is allowed in that timeslot.

The film was Edmond, a rather obscure (well, I hadn’t heard of it before) piece.

Don’t read on if you want to avoid spoilers.

It tracks life path chosen by a nondescript salary man, who suddenly wakes up to the realisation his life with his wife is too mundane and boring (sexually and spiritually) and decides to try something different. So he goes out in the big city to try and enjoy some of the deadly sins, such as wrath and lust (disguised here as racism and sexism). Some might describe it as a descent into anomie or hell as he gets frustrated, conned and robbed at every turn and he finally lashes out and kills the woman he didn’t have to cajole, pay or force to have sex with him – even though the only penetration that takes place is with a knife.

The film is not exactly a great advert for heterosexuality, but many a viewer may squirm at the film’s conclusion that longterm happiness, contentment and personal peace can finally and only be found in the arms of your black cell mate.