HISTORY CHANNEL – Mondays from 3 August, 8.30pm

Albert Einstein contributed more than any other scientist to our modern vision of physical reality. During a month that examines genius throughout History Einstein is the central. We celebrate the genius of Einstein in three 2hour special documentaries that offer a penetrating profile of his life, inspirations and achievements.

EINSTEIN: Monday 3 August: This two hour special will tell the story of Albert Einstein’s amazing professional and personal life in a unique way, framed between two solar eclipses that occurred in 1914 and 1919. Although Einstein’s greatest work was accomplished in 1905 when he thought up his theories of relativity and special relativity, it was 14 years before his outside the box principles were proven. Until then, he was ridiculed, challenged and had difficulty getting a prestigious job. Then, in 1911, Einstein figured out a way to test his theories. If he were correct, then a startling thing should happen during a solar eclipse, the sun’s rays should bend around the moon and the stars should appear to jump to a different location.