'Daybreak' TV Programme, London, Britain - 25 Oct 2011Ifans cast as Sherlock’s brother in Elementary

Rhys Ifans has been cast as Sherlock’s brother Mycroft in the second season of Elementary. The actor will recur as the character throughout the season, appearing for the first time in the season premiere.

MTV to air alternate ending for The Hills

MTV will air an alternate ending to The Hills this August, three years after the series came to an end. The clip will air as part of MTV’s ‘RetroMTVBrunch’. Continue reading »

Prime’s new season launch also included the same sentiment used by TVNZ during their launch, that they had a stronger and more exciting range of programmes than ever before.  In Prime’s case, it is actually true.  Picking up the CBS deal has meant that a number of new shows will air on Prime from one of America’s biggest studios.  New shows like Vegas, Beauty and the Beast (starring NZ’s own Jay Ryan) and Elementary will provide excellent new US dramas while 60 Minutes will give Prime their first foray into current affairs.  There is also the new look American Idol which will air reasonably close to the US air dates as well.  There are a number of great looking NZ shows including a spectacular look at New Zealand From Above  and documentary series, Making New Zealand, about the big infrastructure projects that have made us.

Here is the complete list of what to look out for. Continue reading »

We received this brilliant piece of marketing from Prime recently, inviting us to their 2013 new season launch.

Nice way to tie in Elementary, one of the new shows they’ve picked up from their CBS deal. Continue reading »

Hurricane Sandy halts filming of TV shows
Hurricane Sandy has stopped the filming of many shows that are based on the east coast of the US. They include, Person Of Interest, The Good Wife, 30 Rock, Law And Order: SVU, Smash, Nurse Jackie, The Big C, Jimmy Kimmel, and many others which aren’t on New Zealand screens. It’s also closed cinemas and live shows in many areas. Some networks are also postponing new episodes of shows by one week. These shows include How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Hawaii Five-0, Mike And Molly, Gossip Girl, and 90210.

Anderson Cooper’s show cancelled
Anderson Live has been cancelled. It was only in its second year of production, but low ratings has meant it won’t be returning next year. Continue reading »

Dan Stevens says third season of Downton Abbey could be his last
Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey, may not be returning to Downton Abbey for the fourth season. Stevens is currently appearing on Broadway in “The Heiress” and he told The Daily Mail, “New York for me is going to be one big adventure. I will be taking the whole family out and we will be there for six months. I don’t know if I will be returning to Downton.” 

Elementary gets full season
The CBS Sherlock Holmes drama, Elementary, starring Lucy Liu, Jonny Lee Miller and Aidan Quinn, has been given a full season by its American network, after rating well in the States.  Continue reading »

Prime TV is delighted to announce a studio volume deal with CBS Studios International.

The multiyear deal gives Prime exclusive free-to-air broadcasting rights in New Zealand to a broad range of new series that the Hollywood studio produces from the start of the new US television season in the fall of 2012.

Karen Bieleski, Head of Prime TV, said the volume licensing deal is Prime’s first and represents a very exciting opportunity for the channel. Continue reading »