Embarrassing Bodies

8:30pm Thursday, October 4 on TV2

The Embarrassing Bodies doctors help to treat a young woman who has a problem with her genitalia which is causing her physical and psychological discomfort.

The doctors also meet a young man living with Tourettes and discover how music helps him cope with his problems.

8:30pm Thursday, July 12 on TV2

Warning! TV2’s popular show, Embarrassing Bodies, returns to TV2 for a squeamish, brand-new season.

The Embarrassing Bodies team are back to re-open the sorely missed Embarrassing Bodies clinic. Desperate for some much needed medical attention are a brand new blushing array of highly embarrassed patients, all suffering from visually shocking and personally mortifying conditions. Our doctors had thought they’d seen it all – but even they are left speechless by some of the conditions.

Tonight, Dr Christian sees a man with a bent penis which needs straightening out; while Dr Pixie and Dr Dawn head out in the mobile clinic where they’re offering advice on flatulence.

Plus, with half of the Welsh population failing to go to the dentist regularly, they’re joined by dentist, Dr James Russell, whose pop-up dental clinic is inundated with nasty gnashers needing help.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has dismissed a complaint against an episode of Embarrassing Bodies that showed female nudity.

A complaint was made after the UK show featured footage of female genitalia and surgical operations.

The viewer, Will Fourie, claimed the footage was “too much for the (8.30pm) timeslot , irrespective of whether you choose to label it as adults only”.

However, the BSA ruled that clear warnings were screened prior to the show, which was classified Adults Only. Continue reading »

8:30pm Thursday, January 19 on TV2

Sometimes when people go on holiday, they can bring home an unwanted souvenir… the Embarrassing Bodies doctors set up a free clinic at the airport tonight on TV2.

Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Pixie McKenna – everyone’s favourite doctors for those toe-curling embarrassing conditions – are back, and now they’re joined by A&E Doctor, Dr Priya Manickavasagar and leading cosmetic Dentist, Dr James Russell. Between them they’ve got every orifice covered.

Find out what people at Birmingham International Airport are brining home from holiday tonight.

Missed an episode of Embarrassing Bodies? Full episodes are available online. Go to tvnz.co.nz and click the Ondemand link.

8:30pm Thursday, January 5 on TV2

From the gruesome to the unbelievable to the just plain weird, Embarrassing Bodies seems to have it all. Tonight, one young woman proves that you certainly can have too much of a good thing.

This evening the doctors visit the countryside, and discover that although farmers are more likely to visit the vet for their livestock than pop into their GP for themselves, they could still benefit from some timely advice on sexually transmitted diseases.

While in the clinic, the doctors meet a young woman whose large breasts are causing big problems for her spine, a man who’s literally been grinding his teeth away, and a patient who’s ears are so flaky she can’t help leaving bits wherever she goes.

Missed an episode of Embarrassing Bodies? Full episodes are available online. Go to tvnz.co.nz and click the Ondemand link.