Embarrassing Fat Bodies

8:30pm Thursday, September 15 on TV2

There will be wobbles and squabbles as the embarrassing bodies doctors return to our screens to lift the underbelly on obesity: in Embarrassing Fat Bodies.

With half of all British adults overweight and a quarter obese, the health issues associated with weight gain are threatening to become an epidemic which could bankrupt the British health service.

It’s responsible for a staggering range of embarrassing body problems from hernias and prolapses to sexual dysfunction and loose skin.

From life-saving stomach surgeries to hernia repairs, as well as looking after people who have shed huge amounts of weight but have been left with unsightly excess skin, these doctors see it all.

Plus, we meet a family struggling with their weight and help them to understand the genetic, metabolic and dietary causes of their obesity.

And, doctors Christian, Pixie and Dawn are once again putting their own bodies on the line to scientifically explore what happens to the body when excess fat becomes obesity.