Embarrassing Teenage Bodies

8:30pm Thursday, October 20 on TV2

Prepare to cringe and squirm, the diligent doctors are back for an eye opening brand new season of Embarrassing Teenage Bodies.

The Embarrassing Bodies doctors are back to look at the issues affecting teens today. With over five million teenagers in the UK, our docs are ready to tackle all manner of teen taboos and adolescent ailments, from puberty problems and dodgy discharges to development dilemmas.

The Embarrassing Teenage Bodies mobile truck is criss-crossing through Britain once again, seeking out young people wherever they gather. Our docs dish out advice at a Theme Park, University Freshers Fair, a shopping mall and even go across the sea to the Costa Del Sol, all in an effort to help teens with their growing pains and downstairs dilemmas.

Finally, Doctors Christian, Pixie and Dawn are once again putting their own bodies on the line to scientifically explore the radical changes happening to the bodies and minds of young people.

So join them on a teenage voyage of discovery, because there’s no shame, we’re all the same!