Emmy Awards

The 66th Annual Emmy’s will be handed out on August 25, 2014 (US time) and I will be counting down to the Emmy’s over the next 12 days with all the information you need to know, plus some you may not need to know but might like to know.

This year the event will be hosted by Seth Meyers and will be screening live on Vibe (Sky TV) on Tuesday August 26th at 12pm (live) and 7.30pm (highlights).

In the next few days I will deliver my predictions and thoughts on the surprises and snubs in various categories. You can see if you agree or disagree – feel free to give your own predictions of the winners, and thoughts on the nominations.

For now, here are the some of the key categories, and the nominees:

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emmy2There’s a very interesting article out from the Associate Press this morning about TV networks in the US looking for huge rating winning events like Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk over the grand canyon.

With ratings for Wallenda’s tightrope walks across Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon in mind, networks are taking meetings from people pitching programs about cars flipping over, or an attempt to set a record for simultaneous skydives. They’re all on the hunt for the next big event.

Social media and television’s economic system have given rise to a counterintuitive trend: The more opportunities there are for people to watch TV on their own time with DVRs and video on demand, the more valuable programming that can deliver a big live audience has become.

Appointment viewing is where broadcast television has the most opportunity for big ratings and you only have to look at the numbers for the finales for shows like The X Factor NZ, The Block NZ and New Zealand’s Got Talent to see that.

It’s not just stunts. Live sports, awards shows, singing competitions and the Olympics are all examples of programs that networks consider DVR-proof. Continue reading »

If you haven’t seen House of Cards yet (Netflix) you can either wait until TV3 screen it or buy it from Amazon.  It is simply a superb show and this was by far the best moment from today’s Emmy Awards.

Eric Stonestreet to return to American Horror Story
Eric Stonestreet, who appeared on season one of American Horror Story (his episode screens next Monday on Four) has signed up to appear on season two of the show, which is set at an asylum.

Big changes for Elmo on Sesame Street
As Sesame Street heads into its 43rd season, Elmo’s segment ‘Elmo’s World’ is getting phased out after 13 years. But never fear, Elmo will have a new segment called Elmo the Musical.  Continue reading »

The 64th annual Prime Time Emmy Awards have delivered TV3 a big win with Homeland, which they’re fast-tracking to air only hours after the USA, picked up the trophy for Outstanding Drama Series, both the Best Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama Series titles as well as the top award for Writing For A Drama Series.  TV3’s Modern Family also picked up four Comedy Awards including Outstanding Comedy Series.

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Stephen Colbert to guest star on The Office

Stephen Colbert will make an appearance on The Office as ‘Broccoli Rob’, a former member of Andy’s a cappella group, Here Comes The Treble. It will be the show’s Halloween episode. 

Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star joins The Big Bang Theory cast

Ken Lerner, who played Principal Flutie on the Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV series, is joining the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Continue reading »

James Brolin joins Community cast

James Brolin has joined the cast of Community, playing the estranged father of Jeff Winger (Joel McHale).

Two new stars join Supernatural

Former M*A*S*H star Mike Farrell (who played BJ) will guest-star on Supernatural on the upcoming season. Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary) will also join the cast.

Emmy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel promises ‘biggest prank ever’ Continue reading »

VIBE – Monday 24 September, 12.00pm (live) and 7.30pm (highlights)

The stars of the small screen will be out for the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted for the first time by late night talk show legend Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel promises to deliver a fast-paced, humorous, unpredictable and irreverent show that celebrates the very best television has to offer, with a few unconventional tweaks of his own thrown in for good measure. “Here’s the thing: We’re not going to give out any awards,” Kimmel said. “What I’m actually going to do is take an Emmy and chop it into a million pieces and hand everyone just a little bit of it, and then the whole night will be nothing but entertainment and maybe some mixed martial arts.” With Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, Girls and Veep all featuring in this year’s nominations, the 64th Primetime Emmy� Awards are a television lover’s cornucopia.