Emperor’s New School

DISNEY CHANNEL – Sunday 10 August, 6.00am – 6.00pm

Enjoy back to back episodes of “Emperor’s New School” this August on Disney Channel. Kuzco stars as the would-be emperor who must graduate school before he can claim the throne and become the official emperor. Kuzco is a self-centred and spoiled teen whose motto is “it’s all about me.” He has celebrated a birthday that should mark him officially becoming emperor, but there’s one little problem – his trust fund specifies that he must graduate from Kuzco Academy in order to receive the riches and claim the throne. In the meantime, Kuzco has been banished from his royal palace and forced to live with commoner Pacha, his wife Chicha and their children Tipo, Chaca and Cuti. Pacha’s lifestyle is very different from what Kuzco is accustomed to and despite their sometimes turbulent relationship, Pacha is like a father to Kuzco. Malina, Kuzco’s supportive friend, is the only one really able to keep his attitude in check. She’s good at everything and Kuzco has a huge crush on her. Kuzco’s nemesis, Yzma, has disguised herself as the Principal of Kuzco academy, Principal Amzy, in order to execute her master plan – making sure that Kuzco doesn’t graduate so that she can become emperor. She has also planted her dim-witted sidekick Kronk in school as a fellow classmate and friend to Kuzco to help her pull off her schemes. Find out how Kuzco fares in surviving Yzma’s schemes and his own aspirations for greatness this August on Disney Channel