8:30pm Friday, June 22 on TV One

Witness how it all began in this prequel of the long-running Inspector Morse books and television series, created in collaboration with the original author.

It’s 1965 and Detective Constable Endeavour Morse drafts his letter of resignation from the police force. It’s a letter he will never deliver.

For fate, in the shape of a hunt for a missing schoolgirl, is about to draw Endeavour back, against his will, to the place which will shape, and, ultimately, define his destiny.

Endeavour travels to Oxford where police are deep in a full-blown murder investigation, led by Detective Inspector Fred Thursday. Here, Endeavour finds himself side-lined, discredited and at a dead end.

Facing down the demons of his past, Endeavour begins his own quest in pursuit of justice, risking all in the hunt for a truth that will haunt him for the rest of his days.

Learn the early beginnings of the infamous detective as he takes on his first of many cases.