Big Bang’s Galecki lands film role

The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard, has been cast in new Justin Timberlake film “I’m.Mortal”. The role will be Galecki’s first major film effort since he joined The Big Bang Theory. House’s Olivia Wilde will also feature in the film.

Creator teases Misfits second season

The creator of British teen series Misfits, which screened here on C4, has revealed details of the second season. Howard Overman said that the unresolved storylines from the first season will be wrapped up quickly in the new run along with a new central character introduced.

American Dad seventh season ordered

Fox has ordered another series of American Dad, which is currently in its sixth season. Eight more scripts have been announced for the cartoon as well as several other animated projects including the TV remake of 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Walhberg announces spy drama plans 

Mark Wahlberg has announced plans for a new spy drama with fellow Entourage and Boardwalk Empire producer Stephen Levinson. The project will focus on a Berlin missionary who becomes involved with the CIA during the Cold War.

24 actor joins Terra Nova

24 cast member Mido Hamada has landed a fulltime role on upcoming Steven Spielberg series Terra Nova. Hamada, who played Samir Mehran on 24, will take on the role of head of security in the prehistoric series.

11:30pm Wednesday, September 29 on TV2

The Emmy Award-winning hit comedy series Entourage returns to TV2 for a sixth season tonight.

At the end of season five, after weathering a series of professional storms, Vince (Adrian Grenier, The Devil Wears Prada) has bounced back, ending a prolonged career slump – thanks to an offer to star in Martin Scorsese’s next movie. Now, with the film about to open, he’s a hot property once again – but is it time for the rest of the crew to finally step out of his shadow?

Eric (Kevin Connolly, He’s Just Not That Into You ), Vince’s closest confidant and manager, considers leaving the group nest for his own place. Drama, (Kevin Dillon) is still looking to grab a share of the limelight. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), the least savvy of the group, is now in a “real” relationship with actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler. And Ari (Jeremy Piven) Vince’s aggressive, high-powered agent, has a few career conflicts of his own.

Star Adrian Grenier, who is now as famous as his alter-ego Vince, has a clear idea about why Entourage remains so popular. He tells the Telegraph: “It works on three levels. Firstly, what’s not to like about private jets to Vegas, models and having a good time? Then you’ve got the stuff about movie deals and Vince’s career. That provides the drama. But most important of all is the theme of friendship and family. The characters are not very complex – they see an opportunity and they go for it. But it’s the bond they share that gives them some spiritual grounding.”

He loves playing Vince and hanging out with his on-screen entourage; but admits that the seductive lifestyle portrayed on the series might encourage aspiring actors for all the wrong reasons. “I did have reservations about taking the role initially. It portrayed a lifestyle which I was not interested in. I wanted to do loftier, pretentious films. But in the end I thought, sure, it might have base elements, but ultimately it’s a very truthful portrayal of our world in Hollywood.”

11:30pm Wednesday, September 22 on TV2

The guys return to New York City where Eric (Kevin Connolly) pursues Gus Van Sant to convince him to cast Vince (Adrian Grenier) in a role, in the season finale of Entourage.

After another late night drowning their sorrows, the guys gather in Vince’s mum’s (guest star Mercedes Ruehl, Law & Order) kitchen in Queens. She demands to know why her son can’t play the lead in Gus Van Sant’s latest feature, hearing Joaquin Phoenix dropped out. But when E calls Ari (Jeremy Piven), he informs him Gus isn’t a fan; the director even refuses to have Vince audition. Undeterred, Eric goes to Gus’s office to try and get Vince a shot. But Vince still doesn’t get the role and he blames E for his failed career.

When Vince gets a surprise offer from Martin Scorsese (as himself) to star in his next film, Ari points out that it’s actually due to E – since it was Gus who slipped Marty the Smokejumpers takes. Back in Hollywood, E won’t take Vince’s calls so he returns to mend their friendship in person.

COMEDY CENTRAL – Tuesday 21 September, 8.00pm

For Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle, life in Hollywood’s fast lane can be an intoxicating ride. By the start of Season 4, in fact, Eric and Vince have taken on new roles – as producers. Will their film be critically hailed as a masterpiece or will it end up on the trash heap of Tinseltown dreams?

X Factor Australia boosts star power

TV3’s The X Factor Australia will soon have the added star power of Usher, Snoop, Kelly Rowland, Boyzone and Richard Branson, who have all been announced to be helping out in the next stage of the talent competition.

Pattinson to guest on Entourage?

Reports are suggesting that Twilight actor Robert Pattinson will be making an appearance in the season finale of Entourage, playing himself in a role which will supposedly see him be a huge annoyance to his agent Ari (Jeremy Piven).

Freeman turns down The Hobbit

Due to his commitment to a BBC television show, actor Martin Freeman has reportedly has to turn down a seven-figure offer to play Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. The former Office actor is committed to the second season of BBC’s Sherlock which films at the same time.

Not a good mix

In perhaps the most entertaining TV news of the day, the same managing director who oversees the ‘home of British porn’, Television X in the UK has also been appointed to run Channel 5’s children’s arm, Milkshake!. The pair of channels will also share premises.

The producers of Entourage are reportedly developing a new drama series for HBO based in the adult entertainment industry.

Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson are working alongside author James Frey in developing the one-hour pilot which would boast both mainstream actors and real-life porn stars.

The series would focus on a video company which is growing increasingly worried from the threat of the internet, with a plot involving a girl from middle America who is encouraged by her boyfriend to seek stardom in LA.

“We’re going to make a sprawling epic about the porn business in LA,” said Frey. “We’re going to tell the type of stories no one else has told before, and go places no one has gone before.”

Source: Digital Spy

Entourage producers developing new series

Entourage producers Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson are reportedly developing a new HBO series based around the adult entertainment industry. The pilot episode is set to be written by controversial author James Frey, of A Million Little Pieces fame.

Chelsea Handler to host MTV VMAs

Chelsea Handler will take up hosting duties for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards on September 12. Handler, who hosts E! show Chelsea Lately, will be the first woman to host the awards since 1994.

Brothers & Sisters casting

Brothers & Sisters has acquired Stephen Collins for the show’s upcoming season, with the actor set to play a character called Charlie who gets close to Saul (Ron Rifkin).

Breaking Bad actress joins Lie To Me

Breaking Bad actress Anna Gunn, who plays the role of Skyler White in the drama series, has signed on for a guest role in Lie To me. Gunn will join the Tim Roth series as an ambitious Internal Affairs detective.

11:30pm Wednesday, August 18 on TV2

Wheeling and dealing abounds, while Vince (Adrian Grenier) has his eye on a supermodel, tonight on Entourage.

Vince and the guys show up for his Dolce & Gabbana photo shoot and when sparks fly between Vince and his co-star, model Natasha (Daniella Van Graas, Perfect Stranger), everyone notices – including the campaign’s mastermind, Frederick ‘call me Freddy’ Lyne (Jason Isaacs, The Patriot).

Meanwhile, at Alan Gray’s funeral, Ari (Jeremy Piven) corners Gray’s boss John Ellis (guest star Alan Dale, Ugly Betty, Lost) to secure Vince’s role in Smokejumpers but Ellis has other ideas – like hiring Ari as Gray’s replacement.

Grenier to feature in 90210

Entourage actor Adrian Grenier will appear in an episode of teen drama 90210 later this year. The actor will feature on the show with his real-life band The Honey Brothers as they play at an 18th birthday party.

Tim Gunn to guest on Gossip Girl

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn will make a guest appearance on the latest season of Gossip Girl, playing himself. Gunn is no stranger to the guest appearance on scripted shows, popping up on the likes of Ugly betty and How I Met Your Mother.

Second wave of Emmy presenters announced

The second wave of presenters for the upcoming Emmy Awards have been announced with 30 Rock’s Tina Fey, Edie Falco, Wil Arnett, Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Colbert joining yesterday’s lineup.

Vance signs on for Dexter

Former All Saints actor Chris Vance has joined the cast of Dexter for the upcoming fifth season. Vance, who has also recently featured on Prison Break and Burn Notice, will play a character called Cole who is the personal aide to a prominent businessman.

Coro producers beef up security

Coronation Street is beefing up security ahead of the show’s 50th anniversary, with concerns of leaks of the long-running show’s feature storyline. Such is their paranoia, producers are even bringing in a team to sweep the set for bugging devices.

Entourage to conclude next year

HBO has confirmed that hit series Entourage will come to an end mid-way through next year. The series, which follows actor Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his crew around LA, will run for one more season which is expected to be short, possibly only six episodes.

Timberlake on The Cleveland Show

Actor/singer Justin Timberlake has recorded a scenes for The Cleveland Show in which he voices a gay character in the animated series. It is understood that Terry falls for Timberlake’s character in the episode which comes out in the US next February.

Bourne director to helm MTV pilot

The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman is to direct a new comedy pilot for MTV. Liman, whose previous film credits also include Mr and Mrs Smith, will helm the pilot for I Want My Pants Back which follows a group of young men struggling to adjust to adult life.

Michael Jackson-themed Glee episode?

I Michael Jackson-themed episode of Glee is believed to be in the pipeline for next season with Idol host Ryan Seacrest tweeting this over the weekend: “Just talked to Adam Shankman from So You Think You Can Dance and got a pretty heavy hint that he’s directing the MJ episode of Glee!”