9:30pm Thursday, December 1 on TV2

In 2006 Karen Kummerer left for work like any other day, but what followed was not just another day in the office; it was a week-long ordeal as her ex-boyfriend kidnapped her and drove her across five states. Tonight, Escaped explains how she got away.

Karen Kummerer did not know her boyfriend Joseph Freeman had threatened a 74-year-old with a knife, resulting in a criminal conviction for armed home invasion. Their relationship lasted for six months before she broke it off, a decision that lead to Joseph stalking her.

She took out a restraining order, but six days after she obtained a permanent injunction for protection, he kidnapped her and began a terrifying trek across country. Karen believed she wouldn’t get out alive, but against the odds, she did. Find out how tonight.

9:30pm Thursday, November 24 on TV2

Witness the true stories of people who have been held captive and how they clawed their way to freedom in TV2’s new series, Escaped.

Tonight we meet Ukrainian-born Katya, who at age 19 was enslaved by human-traffickers for a year and was forced into prostitution.

In November 2004 in Detroit, Michigan, inside the two-bedroom apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood, Katya was growing desperate.

She’d been lured to America with a promise of a job as a waitress, the job never materialised and the Ukrainian student was forced into sexual slavery.

Tonight, Katya will tell her tale and actors will re-enact the real-life nightmare she lived. All Katya’s belongings and identification had been stripped away and her every move was closely monitored. She didn’t even know the address where she was held. After eight months of constant death threats, beatings and a life as dark as possible, Katya began to plot her escape.

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9:30pm Thursday, January 27 on TV2

In this week’s episode of Escaped, against the odds, Cynthia Jaramillo manages to evade her captors who are said to have mutilated and murdered between 45 and 60 women.

Like something out of the best-selling novel Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, David Parker Ray is a sadistic rapist who, with his girlfriend, Cindy Hendy, recreationally tortures and then kills his victims. Jamarillo compares her captor to a hunter who systematically selects his victims according to personal whims. Ray even told her she had been selected according to her body and looks, and that she was there to be their sex slave.

Prior to her kidnapping, Jaramillio was destitute and had been abandoned by her family. “I just didn’t have control of my life at that point,” she explains. “I was just on my own out there. Living from motel to motel. Day to day.”

Dr Patricia Lim, who has studied Jaramillo’s case, observed that Jaramillo’s isolation made her the perfect target for predators. “People who live on the edge tend to be easy targets for predators. The primary reason being nobody’s going to miss them. And the predator knows that,” explains Dr Lim.

Ray had recorded on a tape player a methodical diatribe of the torture that was to unfold, it was a discourse that had clearly been played to many victims before Jamarillo. Police later found the tape which documented Ray saying, “You’re wrists and ankles are chained, and you’re gagged because you’re not going to like the way I do it. You’re going to be kept here naked and chained down.”

Having lived on the tough streets of New Mexico after being rejected by her own family, Jaramillo had developed the strength and a survival instinct that enabled her to attempt an escape. “I just remember things happening so fast. I just had to keep thinking over and over at that point, I couldn’t be weak no more. I was just thinking in my head that they can’t catch me. It was so far beyond anything that I just thought I was in hell. I was going to fight to the end. It was all or nothing at this point. I wasn’t giving up,” reveals Jaramillo.

In a remote town in the high desert of New Mexico, young attractive women are disappearing. They go bar-hopping, unwittingly drink a spiked cocktail, and wake up chained to a gurney in a psychopath’s trailer. David Parker Ray’s torture chamber is outfitted with a cattle prod and a system of pulleys, weights and chains that bring his victims close to death.

9:30pm Thursday, January 6 on TV2

Witness true stories about people who’ve been held captive, imprisoned and caged, and how they escaped to freedom in TV2’s brand new documentary series Escaped.

In the season premiere, we meet Josefina Rivera, a 25-year-old woman who had been held captive in a killer’s cellar for months. She was chained to the wall, her feet shackled to a pipe. Occasionally, she was forced into a tiny hole, other times she was raped and beaten severely. Gradually more women were added and the torture increased. Her captor, Gary Heidnik, even forced one woman into a pit, where he filled it with water, and electrocuted her with a live wire. After two captives were killed, Rivera knew she had to escape.

Acting on instinct and street-smart survival skills, she decided her only hope for escape was to befriend her captor. After many months, Rivera convinced him to let her visit with her family while he waited at a nearby gas station. Instead, she ran to find a pay phone and dialed 911.

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Escaped is a thrilling series featuring ordinary people who have escaped extraordinary circumstances. Each episode is narrated through the eyes of the victim who experienced the nightmare as they reveal their true stories about being held captive, imprisoned, trapped or caged, and how they managed to escape to freedom. The series features a young boy who was able to escape his bone breaking captor, a woman who tricked her captor into freedom after 117 days in captivity and a young Russian woman who was led to the United States by the promise of freedom, only to find herself a captive in a sex trafficking ring.