If you didn’t get to see any of Eurovision over the weekend, you really missed out. What an absolute spectacle.

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ESC14_ Copenhagen_Logo_BlackFor the first time ever on UKTV, fans will be able to cheer along their favourite countries during the ultimate musical event of the year, the Eurovision Song Contest, broadcast live from Copenhagen.

Fans won’t miss a moment of the Eurovision Song Contest action, with the two live Semi-Finals broadcasting on May 7 and May 9 at 7.00am, with an encore at 9.30pm. The excitement comes to a climax when the 26 finalists perform in the finale on Sunday May 11 from 7.00am (simulcast with the Eurovision Song Contest live feed) with an encore at 8.30pm. Continue reading »

Does New Zealand free to air tv every played the annual eurovision show? From what i have seen it is really awesome and would love to see it! I think it is on really soon.. like the semi finals on May 10 i think in Europe. So does anyone know anything about this? I hope someone does!! Thanks!