Ever Wondered About Food

Food TV – Saturdays from 5 July, 7.00pm

Michelin star recipient and author Chef Paul Merrett hosts the inquisitive Ever Wondered About Food, satisfying our curiosity about all those foods we love and examining the myths that are attached to them. Merret takes us through the science behind food and cookery, throwing in plenty of little-known cultural facts along the way. We examine the super food status of the berry, and debate whether the strawberry is technically a berry. We also investigate whether Casanova’s 50 oysters a day would have had the desired aphrodisiac effect. No food escapes the meticulous eye of this persistent chef on his quest, from Nuts to Sausages to Rice, Merret attempts to put a stop to the wondering, and deliver the answers. His dissection of each ingredient gives us the scientific facts, and combined with his culinary knowledge, delivers fail safe, exquisite recipes guaranteed to impress!