Excellent Adventures

Harry Enfield and his best mate retrace the 1941 Barbarossa invasion of the Soviet Union, travelling through the Baltic States to St Petersberg.

Monday 18 December, 7.30pm, TV One

Harry Enfield asked his best mate Charlie to accompany him on a trip through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to St Petersberg. Travelling through three capital cities, Enfield’s aim was to trace the journey, on foot and in a military jeep, of the Nazi army.

The pair start in Gdansk in northern Poland, where the first shots of the invasion were fired; visit the medieval castles and caves scattered along the Gauja valley in Latvia which were occupied by Nazi troops and travel through Novgorod, the political and artistic centre trashed by the Nazis, to St Petersberg, for the midsummer celebrations on 23rd June.

Minnie Driver treks through Tonga’s rainforest and swims with humpbacked whales.

Monday 11 December, 7.30pm TV One

Minnie Driver and her best pal island-hop across the archipelago, trekking through the rainforest and visiting deserted islands, before reaching their diving destination for a swim with the whales.

Neil Morrissey follows in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, from his headquarters in northern Jordan, to the city he captured, Aqaba.

Monday 4 December, 7.30pm, TV One

Morrissey and his girlfriend, Emma, cross the Jordanian desert on a camel, stopping to explore the stunning ancient city of Petra, and to abseil in gorges close to the Dead Sea. They spend three days camel trekking with Bedouins through endless sand dunes and climb the highest peak in Jordan, soaking up spectacular views of Aqaba.

Photo: Neil Morrissey and girlfriend Emma.

UK comedian Dom Joly fulfils an ambition to travel from Beirut to Damascus – retracing the route that he took on childhood summer holidays.

Monday 27 November, 7.30pm, TV One

Throughout the programme, Joly will visit the French Lycée where he went to school along with old boy Osama Bin Laden; drive over the Lebanese mountains to Baalbeck to go wine tasting in the local vineyards; and travel on the road to Damascus, stopping in at the valley of tombs to try and find his name carved in a rock that he left there 21 years ago.