It’s science made fun!

Saturday, August 25th at 8:00pm

Why does toast fall butter side down? How do you deal with problematic toads? How long does bubblegum really take to digest? Which animals fart to communicate? 3’s new scientific series has all the answers for these questions and more. ExperiMental premieres Saturday, August 25th at 8.00am.

Believe it or not, science plays a significant part in our everyday lives. ExperiMental creates experiments that impact our daily routines. Learn how to open a bottle of wine without using a corkscrew, understand male motivations and find out how insects can help asthma.

ExperiMental tackles every imaginable branch of science in an approachable way. The crew have travelled the world in search of crazy experiments. Scientists are challenged to repeat their bizarre experiments in front of the cameras. While the experiments may seem frivolous, many have led to surprising breakthroughs in scientific research.

Each episode explores man-made inventions along with human and animal biology. The ExperiMental scientists have discovered some of the world’s most intriguing anomalies: fainting goats; wireless power; drowning sharks; a machine that does dishes on demand and ducks with accents. ExperiMental will even put old wives tails to rest – find out if your eyes really will pop out after a sneeze, and why you will never get sucked out of a plane mid-flight.

Discover how you can stop snoring by using the didgeridoo in ExperiMental premiering Saturday, August 25th at 8.00am.