HISTORY CHANNEL – Mondays from 3 August, 7.00pm

Most of the creatures that have ever lived no longer exist. This six-part detective story uncovers the mystery surrounding the life and eventual demise of six phenomenal species and using state of the art CGI, brings them back to astonishing televisual life. The clues they left behind are few, and it now seems that the generally accepted theories they spawned aren’t quite as rock solid as we thought they were. Turning long-standing scientific theories on their heads, each programme uses an enthralling mix of live action, state of the art computer graphics, animatronics, dramatic scenery and astonishing scientific fact. Extinct shows these astonishing species in action, reveals what they looked like, where they lived, how they behaved and how they died out. Episodes include: The Dodo, the Sabre Tooth Tiger, the Mammoth, the Great Auk, the Irish Elk, the Tasmanian Tiger.