Extreme: Dead Skinny Celebrities on Vibe

VIBE – Wednesday 10 March, 7.30pm

Skinniness is an epidemic amongst Hollywood’s hottest female stars, and it shows no signs of dying down.

It’s the usual suspects: Mary Kate, Nicole Ritchie, Victoria Beckham, they are all super skinny and despite the pleas to ‘eat or die’ they are staying that way! But why do they do it and what is the devastating impact on their health?

Extreme: Dead Skinny Celebrities looks at the exercising and eating regimes that stars use to get down to the coveted ‘size zero’; the male ‘manorexics’ who are also falling for the skinny ideal and the yo-yo dieters whose very public battle with the bulge could be damaging their metabolism forever. And what happens when your obsession with looking good on the outside means you start to do real damage on the inside? Cutting edge graphics take a peek inside the body and minds of the skinniest celebrities to find out exactly what’s going on.