Extreme Fishing With Robson Green

LIVING CHANNEL – Sundays from 4 July, 6.30pm

Robson Green is back doing what he loves best, catching fish in some of the most extreme places on the planet, and in the new series he’s taking it one step further. Bigger, better, and more exciting, Robson Green continues his journey around the world, learning the hardest fishing techniques on Earth. From the beautiful islands of The Philippines to the raging rapids of Niagara Falls by way of the frozen depths of the Arctic, and the Australian outback. If you loved the last series, then stand by…The new series of Extreme Fishing with Robson Jerome will blow you away.

LIVING CHANNEL – Sundays from 7 March, 6.30pm

Robson Green provides inspiration for exhilarating fishing, as he tackles extreme methods of catching some of the most elusive and terrifying fish on the planet. The series begins in Costa Rica, living with the Maleku tribe as they hunt the elusive machaca fish, a relative of the piranha. In Louisiana, USA, Robson tries his hand at underwater spear fishing with the locals and attempts to snare a barracuda; off the coast of South Africa he reels in a hammerhead shark; in Europe, he fishes at the mouth of the Ebro River, hunting a giant catfish; while at sea in the Azores, he puts all his new-found skills to the test in an attempt to catch a 600lb blue marlin.

7:30pm Saturday, December 5 on TV One

The first series of Extreme Fishing With Robson Green saw the actor and passionate fisherman head on an extreme adventure – a globetrotting, fish-finding mission that tested his abilities, in some of the most exciting fishing destinations in the world.

In this new series (begins tonight on TV ONE at 7.30pm), Robson Green takes his fishing a step further. He will be catching fish in some of the most extreme places on the planet, testing himself as he works alongside the people who risk their lives everyday, in order to feed the world’s hungry mouths; and he’ll be trying out some traditional fishing methods with people whose ancestors have been fishing to survive for hundreds of years.

The series starts in Canada. With 150,000 miles of rugged coastline, raging rivers and 1200 species of fish, it’s where serious anglers die and go to heaven: “You know what’s lovely about fishing, we arrived in a helicopter, we’ve got a lovely backdrop, you’ve got beautiful men, and when you add a fish into that equation, it’s perfect.”

Beginning his journey in Vancouver, he’s at the Fraser River that flows right through the city, and just a few miles upstream, lurks North America’s biggest freshwater fish – the sturgeon. Famous for their eggs, these beasts can grow to over five metres and can weigh more than ten of Green.

After a successful days sturgeon fishing, Green is blown away by his catch: “That is an astonishing looking creature, the sturgeon. Prehistoric in look and form, it has survived two ice ages, sought after for its eggs, but do you know I couldn’t give a toss about its eggs because I just think its the most beautiful looking fish, both in it’s colour and in its form.”

But Green doesn’t have to catch his intended prize to be satisfied. Travelling to the reefs of the Gabriola Island, and failing to catch a Ling Cod, he is thrilled to have sourced a few prawns. He says, “there’s a taste when you’ve been fishing, whether it be fish or prawn, and the taste is called clean, believe it or not – and it doesn’t get any cleaner or any fresher than this.”

Green’s new adventures will take him to the far corners of the earth – from the sun-kissed Philippines, to the edge of the Arctic, and New Zealand’s rugged terrain.

7:30pm Saturday, November 7 on TV One

Until very recently, Robson Green – the well-known British actor and passionate fisherman – thought nothing compared to a quiet days’ fishing. That was until he went on an extreme adventure – a globetrotting, fish finding mission to some of the greatest fishing destinations in the world – in Extreme Fishing With Robson Green, tonight at 7.30pm.

The new TV ONE series sees Green on a mission to discover the weird, the wonderful and the way-off-limits of the fishing world. Green says he’s been casting lines at the north east of England, in search of the wryly trout and salmon, for more than 30 years. “In my book, you can’t beat a quiet days’ fishing. Or can you?”

“This is fishing like I’ve never seen it before, for creatures that don’t look anything like trout or salmon, in waters that are a million miles away from the gentle streams that I’m used to. This is extreme fishing, and where I’m going there won’t be any need for tweeds.”

From the Azores to South Africa, from the swamps of Louisiana, to the jungle of Costa Rica, he’ll be going on boats, in canoes, up river and underwater, chasing some of the most elusive and terrifying fish on the planet.

Green says he’ll be learning new tricks, hearing old stories, and eating pretty much everything he catches – like a true hunter gatherer. This is something that Green believes in passionately. He doesn’t fish just for fun.

For the first leg of his global adventure, he’s off to Costa Rica in Central America: land of rum, bananas, coffee, and very big fish. He says if ocean currents were railway stations, this would be grand central station. “It’s the start of the rainy season, which means overflowing rivers pouring into the seas, in other words, lots of fish.”

Join Robson Green as he starts his journey at one of the top sport fishing destinations in the world. The fish they all want to catch is one of the fastest predators in the sea – the phenomenal sailfish.