Face Television

face-televisionThis comes as little surprise.  With the digital switch off happening in a few weeks, there will be no free-to-air broadcast of the 140 hours of NZ on Air funded content as Triangle Television will cease.

Face Television, which rebroadcasts much of the content on Sky, will no longer qualify for funding.


It would seem that your memory is failing you in your twilight years as a media personality.  It used to be that you clothed yourself in the lycra tights and cape of a vigilante out to ensure free public television for everyone.  Now, instead, I see you’re advocating that it should only be for those who can afford to pay for it.

You suggest that the sky-underclass will just have to wait until 2014 before they can see you on television, which is when your crystal ball is predicting a change of government to one that values public broadcasting.

Considering that you have little faith in Labour’s ability to take public broadcasting seriously, coupled with the fact that you partially blame their previously failed policy for the demise of TVNZ7, I’m intrigued to know how this is all going to mysteriously come together and make things significantly better for the people you used to represent. Continue reading »

Colour me cynical but news today that Sky have graciously gifted a channel for “Public Broadcasting” is hardly good for anyone other than Sky.  Public Broadcasting behind a paywall? Perhaps it should be referred to as Private Public Broadcasting.

I’ve had this exact scenario suggested to me on a number of occasions with the reasoning being that Sky would use such a play to prevent any regulation by being seen to be doing for public broadcasting what no one else is.

And so the content gets locked up, competition is reduced and prices soar.

On the surface, Face Television sounds great but in reality, not so much.

Public service broadcasting in New Zealand will have a new face from February, following SKY’s gifting of a channel to regional broadcasters.

SKY announced today it had signed a deal with Triangle TV founder and chief executive Jim Blackman, giving access to bandwidth on SKY channel 89 which will be known as Face TV.

“Under the agreement, we’re giving Triangle TV access to a channel on which they will screen their content,” says SKY TV spokesperson Kirsty Way.

“The deal means they will also provide access to other regional broadcasters to show their programmes.”

Face TV will launch on 1 February 2013, with Triangle TV simulcasting on both the new channel and via its existing UHF signal until the digital switchover is complete.

Blackman, who will manage Face TV, says: “This is a very welcome move for public service broadcasting in New Zealand, particularly with the demise of Stratos and TVNZ7. Triangle, to the surprise of many, has been around for 14 years now and today I am absolutely rapt to have my staff’s efforts recognised by New Zealand’s largest broadcaster – SKY.

“Thanks to SKY’s generosity, regional broadcasters will have significantly increased access to millions of viewers nationwide from February next year.”

More information including schedules will be available prior to launch