Face The Family

VIBE – Sundays from 20 December, 4.25pm

Couples from very diverse backgrounds put their relationships to the ultimate test when they meet each other’s family – without the comfort of their partners there to hold their hand!

Meeting your potential in-laws can be a challenge at the best of times. This series taps into that life experience with an added twist – meeting one another’s parents for the first time… without the significant other!

Every episode of Face the Family follows the couple, from totally different backgrounds, as they travel to meet their partner’s family – an experience often filled with fear, anxiety and dread. To add to the anxiety, the chosen families are from very different backgrounds, and they are not just meeting their prospective in-laws, but also moving in with them for five days. Episode 3 follows well to-do celebrity sibling Mia Perry (sister of Matthew Perry of Friends fame) and an ex-army soldier with multiple tattoos. They say that opposites attract, but will that extend to their families?