This year’s series of satire show Facelift has been released on DVD. The 4th series of the hugely-popular and hilarious sketch comedy show is availabble in all the usual outlets. A great Xmas pressie for the hard-to-buy-for!

Actors in prosthetics send up politicians, the All Blacks, celebrities and others in the public eye for laughs. No-one is safe from ridicule. Includes Key and Clark poll-dancing, behind the scenes with the All Blacks and the battle of the current affairs shows.

(Note, excludes a few bits the lawyers wouldn’t let us use)

Extras are:

  • The Brash Chronicles – favourite Brash sketches from previous series (inlcuding the infamous Brash Rap!)
  • never-seen-before scenes which didn’t make it to air this series
  • interview with actor as she gets into make up
  • photo gallery

Currently exclusive to Throng, the kiwi show that makes fun of politics and sport, Facelift will be coming to a store near you in early December!

The DVD will feature some great extras – such as sketches that didn’t go to air and highlights from the Don Brash sketches (including the famous rap video).

I’ve been told it will be released at a good price, compared to the over-priced Sensing Murder DVD set which will cost $80 for only 6 episodes.

It’s great that more NZ made shows are being released on DVD, and I hope more are to follow.

A look though the eyes of facelift at Campbell Live & Close Up.

The final ever episode of The Sopranos gets a Facelift tribute. Final episode of Facelift in this series screens tonight 10.05pm TV ONE.

The All Blacks get a song of support from Helen Clark in tonight’s FACELIFT – 10.10pm Monday TV ONE

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Yahoo!Xtra email gets some attention from the Facelift team tonight – 10pm TV ONE.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Facelift – TV One’s topical sketch comedy show – is on tonight 10pm TV ONE.

We’ve got two sneak peeks for tonight’s show:

We profile National’s lower ranked list MPs

TV One’s “light in the sky” ad – “I can see the light surrounding me”

Don’t miss the full show tonight 10pm TV ONE for more on Air New Zealand, 1080, North Korea and more.

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“I can see the light surrounding …” TV ONE’s ad gets a serve in this week’s FACELIFT – 10pm MONDAYS TV ONE

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Monday 20 August, 10.05pm

No Kiwi celebrity, sportsperson or politician is safe from the topical weekly show ‘Facelift’. The satirical sketch show takes the famous faces and creates 2D caricatures that are given a third dimension via sculpting as foam prosthetics and then are finally brought to life by a talented bunch of comic impersonators.

‘Facelift’s unique take on Kiwi politics, popular culture, sports and celebrities ensures the show’s humour remains accessible and mainstream. Scripted on a Wednesday, rehearsed on a Thursday, shot on the Friday, and screened the following Monday, ‘Facelift’ is up-to-date with current issues. To see who’s the focus of attention this week, watch ‘Facelift’, tonight at 10.05pm on TV ONE.

Rugby World Cup will be ad-free on TV3?

FACELIFT sneak peek …. 10pm MONDAYS TV ONE