Fairly Odd Parents

NICKELODEON – Monday 4 August, 5.00pm

There’s a new fairy in town and everyone wants it! Since fairies are immortal they don’t need to have babies, but when Timmy finds a loophole in Da Rules and wishes one up for Cosmo and Wanda a baby is on the way! And, in typical fairy fashion, it’s all a little bit topsy-turvy – it’s Cosmo having the baby, not Wanda and his pregnancy comes with several unfortunate “side effects”, like barfing and weird mood swings! Will the Fairly OddBaby’s unbridled magical powers bring incredible happiness? Or total destruction? Find out when the immensely powerful yet teeny tiny new arrival… uh, arrives. And is it a boy or a girl? (You didn’t think we’d tell you, did you?)