Family Brat Camp

Family Brat Camp Tuesday May 22, 8.30pm

For the first time ever on the Brat Camp series, parents are forced to take responsibility for their kids’ out-of-control behaviour. And, in classic Brat Camp style, the only place they can learn to do that is in the desert. Now it’s not just the kids who are packed off to the wilds of the American West to fix their out of control behaviour; in Family Brat Camp, the parents go too.

Four British families in crisis embark on a wilderness journey of a lifetime, in a last-ditch effort to save their dysfunctional families from falling apart. Stripped of their home comforts and taken back to Stone Age living, the tearaway teenagers and their parents are forced to endure the unrelenting physical and emotional strain of living and surviving in the barren Idaho desert in the United States.
For the first time on Brat Camp, parents are forced to take responsibility for their kids and are made to face up to the fact that they are, at least in part, to blame. In tonight’s first episode, living and sleeping in the wilderness comes as a major shock, not only for the brats, but for the parents as well. Only by making life as uncomfortable as possible and pushing the families to their emotional edges can staff get to the heart of how they communicate. They spend each day in the desert baking hot and in sub zero temperatures by night. The families get to grips with a whole range of therapeutic techniques, from guiding a spitting llama on a hike to conquering a 50ft ropes course. Everything they do together forces laughter, tears or tantrums.

The question is will it all make a difference? Will the parents learn to change their ways, to be better parents? Will the brats realise what their families mean to them and change their ways?

Find out on Family Brat Camp, TV2, Tuesday nights at 8.30pm.

Starts Tuesday 22 May 8.30pm,

In this new series, four dysfunctional families embark on a last-ditch effort to save themselves from falling apart.
For the first time, in the barren Idaho desert, parents are forced to face up to the fact they are partly to blame for their children’s bad behaviour.