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Posted by Family Feud New Zealand on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is your family ready to get its feud on? Iconic gameshow Family Feud is heading to New Zealand screens – and we’re looking for fun, lively families to take part!

When 100 people were surveyed and asked the question: “Name something you pull up?”, the top
answer was, “pants”. Continue reading »

A painful game show moment of late, Tuesday’s “Family Feud” saw the Sass family of Stockton, California, needing a mere 18 points to score 200 in the final round and secure $20,000. That pretty much meant that all Anna Sass had to do was utter just one semi-popular answer among the five poll questions that host Steve Harvey asked her to complete.

What can we expect from TV One in 2011?  Well, it appears as though the experiment of 2010 has been done away with and the edginess has gone and it’s returned to solid 25-54 programming.

Check out the trailers below.  Unfortunately, the kiwi shows don’t have trailers on YouTube, yet (nudge, nudge, wink, wink @TV2Boy!).

New Shows


Body of Proof


Harry’s Law


Winners and Losers


Suspect Behaviour

Spicks and Specks 

New Local Shows
North – The sequel to Marcus Lush’s highly acclaimed South
Masterchef Masterclasses
Nothing Trivial – from the creators of Go Girls
Do or Die – confronting Kiwi’s with bad health habits
Politicians at Work
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers
Family Feud

Returning Shows
Packed to the Rafters
Undercover Boss
Criminal Minds
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Returning Local Shows 
One News
Close Up
Intrepid Journeys
The Investigator
Beyond the Darklands
Fair Go
Animal Rescue
Piha Rescue
Real Life
Real Crime 

What a joke this is, I turn on TV and I have a quick look at TV2 just before the 6pm news, A lady gets asked “What is the worse place you would hear a baby crying?” she says “public transport” she gets the answer wrong, so the same question gets asked to the next lady, she says “A plane” and then ………… $B$I$N$G$O$ she has answered it right.

Well excuse me for thinking, but isn’t a plane trip much the same as a trip on “public transport” on both types
(1) you can only travel on them at certain times.
(2) you have to buy a ticket
(3) you don’t know most of the other people traveling with you.
(4) most people keep to themselves
(5) they take you from one place to anther
So basically the first lady I saw was right (I think) unbelievable what crap there is on TV, and some people watch it.

Widely regarded as one of the most perfectly constructed game shows, Family Feud combines interesting questions, great humour, fascinating families and great cash prizes.

Family Feud, hosted by legendary Australian television personality Bert Newton, is a game played by two competing teams, each consisting of four family members. Bert Newton poses a question to the teams, which has already been surveyed across 100 people. The first team to buzz in with an answer that matches one of the survey’s responses, gains control of the game board. The family playing the board is given up to three incorrect guesses to match all of the survey’s responses. Points are awarded based on the number of people in the survey who responded with each answer.

The first family to reach 200 points in the main game is the winner and goes on to play the fast money game for substantial cash prizes. The winning family selects two of its members to play against the clock. The first contestant has to try to answer all five questions in just 15 seconds. The second contestant, waiting off stage in a sound-proof booth, then joins the host on stage to answer the same five questions in 20 seconds. Unable to repeat the answers given by their partner, a combination of quick-fire replies and high-scoring answers could boost their score beyond the magic 200 barrier, winning the family the incredible cash jackpot!

Since television began in Australia, Bert Newton, with his twin talents as a natural comedian and compere, has been a favourite with the viewing public, visiting celebrities, and critics alike. During a visit to Australia in 1983, Bob Hope said of Bert, “Personally, he is a fine man. Professionally, he is one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Now, Kiwis can watch Bert in action with Family Feud coming to life on TV2, 5.30pm weeknights.