Family Feuds

8:00pm Wednesday, April 20 on TV One

Life coach and communications expert, Alia Simpson comes to the aid of feuding families in this new TV ONE local series, Family Feuds, as she sets out to resolve a range of ongoing familial conflicts.

Following eight different dysfunctional Kiwi families during the course of the series as they seek Simpson’s help to mend their ways and establish new, healthier dynamics.

Simpson says she found the whole experience of working with the families really positive, “it was an honour to work with the families and be part of their wonderful journeys. I was constantly amazed at how honest and brave they were. It was such a rewarding experience; although getting people to face up to some home truths was also hugely challenging and lots of hard work.”

Laurie Clarke, Executive Producer, explains why she feels the programme suceeds, ” the show offered families a unique, once-in-a-life-time opportunity to resolve ongoing conflict. And, we were genuinely amazed at the results. For Alia and the families it was a rollercoaster ride that produced riveting television with a good measure of drama.”

Each week, the journey begins taking the family to a remote bach where they must face their family and face their problems head on for the first time.

At the bach, Simpson employs a range of psychological tools and techniques to push below the surface issues and uncover the real reasons for the family conflict. With the key problems laid bare Simpson then works with the families to give them new life skills to deal with their present problems and future conflicts.