Family Secret

TV3 and the creators of Missing Pieces and Family Secret are looking for people searching for family members for a new show Who Am I.

Is there a family member you want to find? Have you been separated from someone special in your life? Do you have any questions about where you come from?

If you are looking for family members, or would like to learn more about your family history, you can apply here.

Here is the list of new shows and returning shows to TV3 in 2013.  You will notice a stong line up of new local shows with a number of new ones from the various stars of 7 Days.  There is no specific word on a return of The GC or The Ridges but both were represented at the TV3 New Season launch today so don’t be surprised if they make a reappearance next year. Continue reading »

NZ On Air is pleased to announce support for an exciting new line up of documentaries and comedies set to hit screens in 2013.

The first funding round of the new financial year has seen nearly $12 million committed to comedies and documentaries to screen across five free-to-air channels.

“We had a large number of applications for this round” says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.  “That has meant some very tough decisions. But audiences are in for some special treats next year from a particularly varied range of talent behind the successful projects”, she says. Continue reading »