Famous Five

Disney Channel – Friday 11 July, 5.00pm

Disney Channel brings Enid Blyton’s Famous Five to a whole new generation with this light-hearted new animated series set to premiere in July 2008. Like their parents before them, the Famous Five is looking for fun and adventure but frequently find themselves knee-deep in danger and intrigue. Like their parents, they always prove up to the task, using their knowledge of nature, survival skills and woodcraft to emerge triumphant. And while, on occasion, they’ll refer to their parents’ old adventures, the Famous Five are thoroughly modern kids – smart, cool, and hip to modern music and movies, and the cutting-edge technologies that deliver them. In addition, they have plenty of street-savvy — even Jo, who lives in the countryside (and therefore has lots of low-tech, country-smarts as well). So, who are the new Famous Five? They’re all still Kirrins (well in blood, anyway), and they all still spend their school holidays — winter, spring, summer and fall — together in the countryside. Meet the new generation of Famous Five this July 2008 on Disney Channel.