Fantasy Homes By The Sea

LIVING CHANNEL – Sundays from 9 September, 5.30pm

Each week, Jenni Falconer takes a family on a property search in the UK or abroad to find their ideal property. Along the way, they are shown a top end property worth over a million pounds in a ‘Millionaire Moment’, and in ‘Fantasy Finds’, the viewer also gets to see properties that are under the budget too, proving that living by the sea can be more affordable than they might think.

LIVING – Sundays from 10 June, 5.30pm

Many people dream of living by the coast and waking up to a glorious view of the sea. This engaging show helps turn that fantasy into reality. Jenni Falconer meets eight families with a range of budgets who are prepared to change their lives for an idyllic coastal home. Whether they’re looking to permanently relocate, or just seeking a holiday home to escape to, the programme does the hard work of finding properties as Jenni guides the families through their options.