Farmer Wants A Wife

7:30pm – Saturday, February 12 on TV 3

The love drought is about to break when The Farmer Wants a Wife premieres its brand news season on Saturday, February 12th at 7:30pm on 3.

In the latest season of the smash-hit quest for rural romance, seven farmers – including a father and his son – are going in search of seven brides.

“I love the sincerity of the show,” The Farmer Wants a Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski tells White Magazine. “I love that the farmers are genuinely looking for love. It’s a feel good love story, what’s not to love?”

Over three seasons, The Farmer Wants a Wife has already had a first wedding, and celebrated two engagements! Gruzlewski says she likes to keep up to date on the progress of the relationships and to stay in touch with all the couples she meets.

“I’ve already been invited to one wedding and hopefully there’ll be a few more invitations,’ she says. “The show gives you faith in love.”

“I guess I am a romantic…all girls love the notion of a fairytale ending,” she continues.

“But I’m not a traditional romantic; chocolates and flowers are nice, but I like to have fun and I think that actions speak louder than words. I’m more of an easy going, relaxed tomboy kind of girl.”

In this week’s season four premiere seven brave new men are putting their hand up to declare themselves in the market for love and the net is about to be cast far and wide to help them find it.

But The Farmer Wants a Wife is not a competition series, there is no prize money, and the only winner in the end is… love.

Make sure not to miss our first introductions to all seven farmers and their potential brides in The Farmer Wants a Wife season premiere, screening on Saturday, February 12th at 7:30pm on 3.

Saturday February 2 at 7:30 PM

It’s now the final days on the farms, as each farmer draws closer to making their final decision – which girl will they pursue a future with?

Just which girl could one day be their wife? The farmers agonise over their decision. At the end of episode five, the ladies say a sad farewell the farm and head back to the city, leaving the farmer all alone once again, with a tough decision to make.

FARMER WANTS A WIFE, Saturday 2nd February at 7:30pm

It’s the final of Farmer Wants A Wife and we find out which girl each farmer has chosen and the girl he wants a future with.

Down the track we catch up to see which relationships do look like they’ll last the test of time, and which relationships have fallen by the wayside. There are plenty of surprises in store. First, the farmers head to the city and knock on the door of the woman they’d like to one day be their wife. The farmer spends a weekend with her on her turf to see whether or not there is a future for them together. Then, one month later, the six farmers and their chosen wives all meet up together to reveal whether or not their love is still going strong. Finally the question is answered, has the farmer found a wife?

Saturday 9th February 7:30pm


Our six farmers and their two hand-picked girls live and work together on the farm. The girls are being road-tested in their skills at farm life – and in love.

Decision day is looming for the farmers. At the back of their minds, they know they will soon have to pick just one of the two girls to pursue a future with. And for the girls, the pressure of fighting for a farmer’s attention is increasing every day they fall harder for their farmer.

Before this episode is over, two girls head home from the farm early, one farmer kisses two girls, and at least one farmer has clearly fallen in love.

FARMER WANTS A WIFE, Saturday 26th January at 7:30pm